University Of Doglando

12276 E Colonial Dr
Orlando, Fl 32828

User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Death of my Dog

    by: Ninti12

    I am a Veteran of Foreign War, I drop my dog off for daycare at the University of Doglando; that evening I went to pick her up the staff handed her to me and I was told by the staff she vomitted at noon because of her food change (which occurred two week prior). About two hours later ( at home) my dog had spasma and I took her to the Emergency Vet... just to be told she had either been posion or drop by the daycare and I had to put her down. Teena and her staff lied to me about what happen to my dog and delected the video footage of the crime. Teena disrepected and insulted me by blaming me and the breeder and told me to seek professional help. I filled out paper work that if my dog is injured/sick University of DoglandoI (which is not an animal hosptial) would take her to the vet. I feel my dog was harmed by University of Doglando and by Florida Recording Law Teena was suppose to keep the video surveillance. I am a Veteran of Foreign War who is now fighting a battle on my own land. My dog brought me so much joy, peace, and happiness... If my dog was human... Teena Patel would be arrested for "Manslaughter".




    Business is still open

  • 2. My dogs' second home!

    by: dce78

    Amazing establishment catering to our true dog's nature, needs and wants. Everybody is so caring and very, very knowledgeable. Our dogs LOVE it there and the fact that there is so much space for them to run free, with no cages or "rooms" is the best thing ever. Our dogs interact with other dogs the whole time and have friends there! Everybody plays with them, cuddles them, gives them treats and this is all part of the treatment they receive there. You don't have to pay extra for someone to play with your dog for 30 min...they do this automatically there, and we love this so much, because they are passionate about it!...and they are always involved in helping our community!!


    Cage-free, lots of in and out space to run free, contact with nature

    Cons dogs wish they could take their friends home for more playing! hahaha...

  • 3. Awesome

    by: ztT4MP16039446

    All of the employee's working at the day care are helpful and friendly. Teena is very flexable and has alot of doggy activities. Her and her staff are very well informed.


    Pickup and Drop off available; non kennel boarding


    can't think of any

  • 4. Doggie Heaven

    by: Doglando

    Dog daycares are all over the place, but this slice of doggie heaven is like nothing else. Dogs run, jump, swim and play all day long. No cages, no kennels no worries for owners. All the dogs must pass a temperament test to ensure that all dogs will get along and provide owners with a sense of security. \n\nThe staff is unbelievable when it comes to caring for animals and the environment. All the products they use are green products and even the poop bags are biodegradable. Teena Patel and her staff are very knowledgeable and are always working with dogs so not only are they playing but they are learning and reinforcing positive behaviors. \n\nCage free daycare and boarding is the way to go, and University of Doglando does it better than anyone else. Not all daycares are created equally, if you want piece of mind knowing your loved one is in good hands and is safe, choose U of D.\n\n


    Honest, Caring, Environmentally Friendly and Cage Free


    None that I can think of...