University Of Colorado-boulder

914 Broadway St.
Boulder, CO

User Reviews (4)

  • 1. I like taking the dog

    by: usumi

    I like taking my dog here when I can study outside and we meet up with other dog people. I like it when dogs wrestle and play fight and when they have a chance to figure out if they can dominate another dog. It's fun for the dogs, gives them good exercise and gives them a chance to really be dogs.


    nice campus


    can't run free

  • 2. Not really a dog park

    by: Axia

    Dog friendly places can be a lot of fun for dogs when the people just sit back and let dogs be dogs and do what they came to do- PLAY with DOGS! If there are few dogs, it's less fun.


    dog friendly


    not really a dog park

  • 3. Pet-Friendly University

    by: AC88

    I was suprised when I first went to CU Boulder. There are dogs everywhere! In classes, playing frisbee, being swarmed by loving hands, it's a cornicopia of dog-friendly people. While I doubt you can bring your dog everyday, if you have a well behaved dog, then it is no problem! Just don't forget a plastic bag... after all it's the law in boulder to pick up after your dog but mostly because I never see any doggie bag recepticals on CU.


    don't need to kennel pet all day


    some classes/ buildings don't allow animals

  • 4. Good for walks...

    by: princess17cu

    i went to school here for 6 years!!! i took my dogs to class with me, and they loved it. The campus is HUGE and it has a lot of grassy areas...its a beautiful place to walk your dogs. The dogs can be off leash in the quad if VERY well behaved, but its not like a dog park where there are a bunch of dogs and they can play... you can play catch or frisbee though!!


    Its a good place to WALK dogs.


    Not the best to let your dogs play