Udall Dog Park

7290 E. Tanque Verde
Tucson, AZ

User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Love it!

    by: Crystal4404

    I love taking my dogs to this park. They love other dogs and there are usually plenty of other dogs. Depending on what time you go there could be up to 20-30 dogs in the large dog area alone. There is plenty of room to run as well, they can really use up their energy at this park.


    Usually a lot of dogs


    Dirt can be messy when dogs play in it

  • 2. A Decent Dog Park

    by: ml

    This dog park is pretty decent. I'm not a huge fan of dog parks to begin with, but we do enjoy going here once in a while. The park is usually clean with plenty of water buckets. Once in a while there is dog poop here and there, due to irresponsible owners not cleaning up after their dogs.\n\nThe dog park is divided into two sections, one for small dogs and one for large. There are benches and awnings for shade in each section. This is very important if you go in the summer! Smells like dog poop in the summer, but I guess this really can't be helped!\n\nSometimes there are big muddy spots or puddles around the water area. If you have a dog who doesn't lay in mud and squirm around in it the second you aren't paying attention this isn't a problem.\n\nIt would be nice if this park had more grass. My dogs play fetch and end up cutting up their pads from the dirt and rocks if we play too long.\n\nMost of the dog owners are considerate, but every now and then you get a real jerk who comes in. Most of the time the dogs get along and the owners seem to pay attention to their dogs. Even my normally well behaved dogs are not angels all of the time while there, so as long as owners are quick to react most problems are ended right away.\n\n


    Areas for Large & Small Dogs, Water Fountains, Tables, Shade Cover


    Not Enough Grass, Some Irresponsible Owners, Mud

  • 3. Great for dogs of all sizes!

    by: Maesy

    Great size park with separate fenced areas for small and large size dogs. There is ample room to run, toys to throw, pooper scoopers of course, and some shade to rest in. Our dogs love it!


    two separate fenced areas for small and large dogs


    not a lot of grass, but that's not really to be expected in tucson

  • 4. Excellent Eastside Park

    by: ahamblin

    Udall park is located in the northeast part of Tucson. It has two, fenced, off-leash dog areas: one for big dogs and one for small dogs. Both areas have grass in it. The dog owners that visit this park do a great job of maintaining the area and picking up after their pets. There is always a plethora of balls and toys in the park for you to throw for you 4-legged friend. There is also a water fountain and water dishes for the dogs to drink out of. Outside of the fenced, off-leash area, there is a 1 kilometer walking path you can take your pooch for a stroll on. Other ammenities include soccer fields, tennis courts, swimming pool and recreation center. This is my favorite park in Tucson. Although it is a long drive from where I live, my dog and I always have a great time at this park.


    2 off leash dog parks with grass, 1k walking path


    Long drive if you don't live on the northeast side of town