Tyrone Veterinary Hospital

3451 Tyrone Blvd
Saint Petersburg, FL 33710

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  • 1. Wonderful Vet Office

    by: perksclan

    I have been going to this office for 20 years. They have treated all 3 of my cats and my dog and have helped me through the loss of them all. They are now the vet care for my 2 new dogs. Today I had to put my 15 year old dog down and again I was reminded how wonderful their bedside manner, love, patience, and knowledge is on this very hard day for my husband and myself. They sat on the floor with us and let me talk and cry regarding having to put her down as I held her petting her. Dr. Mayo said after she was put down that we can stay in there with her as long as we want, not to hurry, and to let her know when we were ready. She even remembered and talked about little cute things about her over her 15 year life and the fact that she could even remember 1 thing with as many animals they see is so touching. They also have Dr. Raines and Dr. K (Kistemeyer I think is the full name but I always just say Dr. K) and they are above top notch. I have seen both those gentlemen for most of my time there and I couldn't ask for anyone better. Dr. Raines and Dr. K have sat and talked about options and helped us make choices by patiently going over all the information. The vet themselves call us when test results come in and they never sound rushed or that they would rather be doing something else. Our kids have gotten the best care and we full trust all that they do. The staff are equally as caring, loving, and knowledgeable in what they do. When we got there today our girl went into another seizure and the staff came out in an instant and had a big blanket and took her back and got her calmed and other staff took care of getting us in and settled into a room and stayed with us to comfort us. We were recently in NC visiting family when our girl was having diarrhea problems. I called them to ask what to do as I didn't know any vets up there and do not trust anyone else. They gave me an over the counter remedy that worked wonderfully and they didn't even seem bothered they were not getting an office fee for helping me. They treated me as wonderful as if I was in their office in front of them. The office is so clean and great books about dogs and cats to read in the lobby about care and behavior and tons of other topics. I drive 30 minutes passing a ton of other vets just to go to this office and I would drive even farther if I had to. My kids are worth the very best.


    Staff, Care, Convenience, Knowledge