Tyee veterinary hospital

800 binghampton st w
Rainier, WA 98576

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Terrible Experiance

    by: DDebbbie

    I took my two miniature Schnauzers into this vet and had a terrible experience. We went into the examining room and I held the boy dog while the girl assistant took his temperature and I told her that he sometimes gets scared and tries to nip at vets. He doesn’t like most men especially if they have deep voices. I had never met Dr. Overlie before but was sure that he would take a few minutes and greet my dogs so they would feel more comfortable. But he just walked in and didn’t greet them. He is a very big man with a deep voice, so it was scary to them. They had me hold my other dog while the assistant put him on the table. When Dr. Overlie started feeling all over his body my dog got scared and tried to bite and get away. Instead of letting him go, the vet assistant tried to hold him and twisted his collar which choked him. He made strangling sounding yelps. This just made him more scared and he peed and pooped all over and yelped from being choked. I thought she was going to strangle him and was horrified. It all happened so fast, while I am yelling NO NO. She finally dropped him to the floor (which could have hurt him too) and let him go. They handed me a muzzle and I put it on him but I insisted to hold him after that. He did fine with me holding him, but was so scared by then. He didn’t even feel the needle that the vet put in his lump to get a sample to test. My other dog was shaking all over just from witnessing what my boy dog went through. If the vet assistant had given me the soft muzzle to begin with, and let me hold him this would have never happened. The vet also should take a moment to greet the animals, especially if they are scared or temperamental. I had gone in for a check up for both dogs, and realized later that Dr. Overlie didn’t even look at their teeth which need attention. The only good thing that came out of this experience was that my dogs test came back negative and the lump was just fatty tissue. I will never go back to this vet again, and would not recommend him to anyone that has miniature Schnauzers, or that might be fearful or temperamental animals.


    Less expensive than other vets


    insensitive to animal, assistant choked dog, not thorough

  • 2. Went that extra mile

    by: Ittyboosmom

    One day i stopped at the local market in Rainier. While walking through the parking lot I spied a small furry form on one of the parking lot stripes and scooped it up before it was hit by a parking vehicle. I mean SMALL! It turned out to be a very young Deer Mouse mouse baby whose eyes hadn't even opened. I took it to Dr. Overlie's (I wasn't even a customer of his office at the time), and the receptionist immediately went back and asked him as to how I could try to help it. He was so kind and helpful and gave her a recipe for formula which I made and my little mouse baby flourished!!! She stopped by the office for visits from time to time to show them her progress. I think the world of Dr. Overlie for taking the time out of his busy day to help save the life of a critter that generally would have been thought as useless and should have been disposed of. Thumbelina became a wonderful part of our family due to his caring and thoughfulness. He is one in a million!!


    Helped when we needed it in an unusual situation


    None whatsoever