Twin lakes recreation area

2500 chapel hill rd
Columbia, MO 65203

User Reviews (34)

  • 1. Need Seperate Dog Areas

    by: mksmommy29

    Twin Lakes is a very nice park overall, but the dog park is very messy. We only stayed for about 10 minutes because our dogs are less than 8 pounds and were picked on the whole time. My dog couldn't even enjoy himself because he was running away from 4 huge dogs with his tail inbetween his legs the whole time. After being pinned on the ground and bit, we all left. The other dog's owners were nowhere to be seen. Our shoes were full of dog poop, but more seriously dogs can easily contract diseases through their paws from dog poop. Overall, the park needs stricter waste pickup rules and a seperate area for small dogs and big dogs. It would make it much more enjoyable!


    Large area to run


    Dog poo everywhere, small dogs get attacked by larger dogs

  • 2. great park

    by: jakeandmac

    My dogs love this place. They are giant dogs, so they need a place to run around. They love to swim in the lake, and there are benches for the owners to sit on. It's a good place to go in the summer so your dogs can cool off, and there are lots of sticks to throw. Just remember to pick up after your dogs- but there are bags and trash cans provided.


    lake, space to run, lots of other dogs to play with


    the fences aren't that great- dogs can run away

  • 3. Dog area at Twin Lakes

    by: DoxieLover5

    This park might be better fot the small dog owner if there was an area for the smaller dogs to play seperately from the larger dogs. We had an incident at Twin Lakes where three large dogs ran up on Kalleight and Sami. They were nipping (playfully, I think) at Sami and Sami was scared. I picked him up and protected him put the dogs wouldn't stop jumping up at him. The owner of these dogs did nothing. not once did she ever attempt to control her group. We left the park and have never been back. The trail goes past the park and we walk (on leads) along the trail, instead.


    A safe place for dogs to romp off the leash


    Large dogs are not watched/ kept from smaller dogs

  • 4. Great Dog Park

    by: Godworks365

    This was a very nice dog park that was close to home. It has plenty of space and is not usually too crowded. My dog loves to jump in the lake and run up and down the hill!


    Lake, lots of room, hill, next to MKT trail


    "pounded down" land, very very muddy after rain

  • 5. awesome dog park

    by: jlbarnett2

    My dog loves this place. At first she gets a little nervous but once she gets used to it she has a blast. She especially loves going from owner to owner getting lovin.


    great place to socialize


    not completely fenced in on far side

  • 6. Great for doggie socializing

    by: mishmael

    We had heard about this area from some friends and were skeptical of how a bunch of strange dogs running loose would behave. Suprisingly well, we had planned on keeping our dogs on leashes but shortly after arriving the smallest of our dogs was turned loose then our more timid medium sized, then our more high strung medium sized and finally our large and most protective. I have never seen them behave so well even after we got them home they seemed to be a little happier and a little better behaved, all from a 45 minute play session at twin lakes.


    nice fenced in area with lake


    too far from my house

  • 7. great park

    by: sinckerschub

    It is a awesome park your dog can swim there for free.


    nothing bad



  • 8. Great!

    by: heatherfeather02

    twin lakes is a very enjoyable place to take your dog with many dogs to socialize with and water for them to play in. the other owners are all friendly and the dogs all get along very well.


    many dogs to socialize with


    muddy sometimes

  • 9. Great Place to Socialize Them

    by: ccmedic74

    The Twin Lakes area is a great place for dogs to socialize. I have read other reviews that talk about it not being big enough to walk your dog, but that's not what it was designed for. Even the walking trail around the park is too small to get a decent walk in (only 0.4 MI long). The dog park is a place (leash free) to let your dogs run around, interact with each other, and just have fun. There is a big lake for dogs to swim in(great for water dogs such as Labs) as well as a nice sized land area for dogs to play. The land area is a little small if you get too many people + dogs who want to all play fetch. Nevertheless, there is plenty of leash free area for many to enjoy. If you are looking for a map of the area you can visit . This is a map of the are that helps describe the area in detail.


    Nice open area, big lake for dogs to swim in


    Could use some better landscaping

  • 10. Fun for the dogs

    by: dogsrsuper

    It is pretty fun to take your dogs out to Twin Lakes. On a nice day, there can be a lot of dogs out there to play with. The area can get messy if it has rained recently- so many dogs and people churn that area into mud. The park is mostly fenced in, but a dog can get out if it wants. I wish more people would clean up after their pets. You really have to watch your step when you are out there!


    on the lake, mostly fenced


    not a totally secure fenced area, some people don't pick up after their pets

  • 11. dog park

    by: jben1020

    A nice place to take your dog for a couple hours of fun


    Nice big area, nice hill to climb, nice lake to swim


    A few people do not clean up after there dogs, A little muddy in places

  • 12. I love this place!

    by: jackie09

    What a great place! It is a large enough area for all dogs to play and swim! I love it here!


    great place



  • 13. Nature trail, dog park, swimming pool, lake access, picnic area ... all in one spot

    by: ozy

    I used to take my kids to the outdoor pool in this park during the warmer months. We later found out about a large fenced-in dog park there along with lake and access to the MKT trail. A very nice place to have family activities, including with your pet.


    Swimming pools (Pirate Landing), play area for kids, fenced-in dog park, picnic shelter, nice lake for dog to swim and for angler to fish, nature trail to walk and bike



  • 14. Great off leash park!

    by: jschlosser

    We love going to Twin Lakes! There are always lots of dogs to socialize with. The water can sometimes be a little gross, but beyond that it's great!


    Lots of running room


    The water is sometimes a little gross

  • 15. running

    by: baileyworld

    I love taking Hogan here to run, but we have to make several laps around just to get a good work out, but its nice having a place to go and take our pets.





  • 16. Wonderful

    by: Beagles2fer

    Would love to see a larger contained area which provides more wooded areas to wander in.


    Dogs play, swim, socialize


    Need a bigger place.

  • 17. Favorite Dog Park

    by: PuppyFashionista

    This is my favorite dog park in Col by far. I've seen as many has 150 dogs there at once..., and they were all having a great time.


    Big enough for hundreds of dogs at a time


    Not fully fenced

  • 18. Dog Park

    by: llt92870

    Great Place for dogs to socialize and have fun in the water. Nice for a short walk.


    Nice place for dogs to enjoy water


    a little small

  • 19. Good Dog Park

    by: Cornbreadsmom

    This is a pretty good dog park. Most of the dogs and owners seem pretty easy going and my dog loves being able to swim in the lake. Of course, the swims can make him pretty stinky but that seems go away once he dries off. The only thing I'd change would be to add more trash cans throughout the park. People are pretty good about picking up after their dogs but since the only trash cans are at the entrances and it's a pretty long park, people tend to set their bags down along the fence and "forget" to take them when they leave.


    Fenced, swimming hole


    No vaccines required

  • 20. Twin Lakes Dog Park

    by: lockel

    Beautiful place to go, nice area for dogs to play, scenic for people


    beautiful lake, walk in dog park with dog or partial trail around it


    very popular dog park

  • 21. Hope you don't have to get your dog out of the water

    by: happyvoice

    I like this park. The lake is lined with large rocks so if you ever have to go in and get your dog it is hard to walk on. It is right off the MKT trail so you can walk with your dog and then let them off leash to run free at the dog park.


    A lake for the dogs to jump in


    poo clean needs to be done by owners

  • 22. Ok, but not the best

    by: mlbehrens1

    For the most part I really like this park. My boys do enjoy meeting other dogs, but sometimes the other dogs are not well monitored. There have been bully dogs and their owners do not always remove their dogs or make them behave. The opportunity for swimming is good here and the lake seems fairly clean. My boys absolutely love playing in the water.


    Leash free area, swimming


    Kind of messy, not monitored well

  • 23. Twin Lakes DOg Park

    by: lauriewpan1

    Twin Lakes Dog Park is for dog socialization, not for dog hiking. If you hope to hike with your dog, I would suggest Capen Trail. If you want a chance for your dog to romp around with other dogs and you can pretty much observe them wherever they are, OR if you want some other dog people to chat with, this is the place for you. THe trees that have been planted along the lake, and the rocky entrance beds, help with erosion and with mud, though that certainly can still be a problem. Bring extra towels and your car will thank you.


    usually lots of dogs, water to swim in


    can be muddy

  • 24. Dogs love the water

    by: MCO

    My dogs love to go here. They love to play and run around with the other dogs and the lake. They love to jump in a play fetch. Your dogs should have good recall because there are alot of dogs there and its not fully fenced in.




    not fully fenced in

  • 25. Very Good

    by: embmq3

    I love this park. There is a fenced area for off leash and water for swimming.


    Fenced area


    Can be muddy

  • 26. Twin Lakes small and crowded

    by: maedke

    Twin Lakes is a small area. I would have to walk around it 10 or more times to get a decent walk for not just me but Duke as well. He is not a self-exerciser and prefers to keep moving. The way it is set up out there fosters very little movement. You feel compelled to just stand around. There is plenty of goose poop for your dog to eat if he/she is so inclined and no hiking aside from a small wooded area. The upside? All the awesome dogs! If you're in the mood to see other dogs, all shapes and sizes Twin Lakes is the place to go! I do enjoy that from time to time. I would love to see a "dog park" that is more like parts of Rock Bridge State Park. Lots of hiking and woods and creek. The stuff that weimaraners (and I) live for. I miss the good old days of driving up, releasing your dogs from the car and going for a hassle free, leashless walk! What do ya say Mayor Hindman:)


    good for a quick lunch-time type outing


    small area. not enough trees and woods. too much poop.

  • 27. great park

    by: ccoop11

    the dogs love this park! they offer an end of summer swim party for dogs too (usually). it's pretty fun





  • 28. Swimming Park

    by: Robster17

    My family takes our dog out to the Twin Lakes dog park and she swims around and plays with her siblings because they're usually there too.


    Places to have your dogs run



  • 29. Water and sun!

    by: matt2626

    Twin Lakes is a great off-leash area. The downside is that it gets crowded around the entrance and people don't always clean up after their pets (but the baggies are readily available!). Could be a few more trash cans spread around. But always loads of fun.


    Great location and pond


    Everyone clusters around the entrance

  • 30. Fun for all

    by: aomanda

    This is a nice dog park in our area with a pond for dogs to swim. Unfortunately it is not fully fenced and can get really muddy when it rains.


    Dogs love it


    Muddy, not fully fenced

  • 31. A good place to romp and roll!

    by: MutleyCrewandCats2

    My dogs love hanging out at the park, especially on hot summer days so they can dip into the lake (or swim almost all the way across - Tanker) and cool off. There's always lots of friends and tennis balls and a very relaxing atmosphere for people to enjoy as well.


    Lots of room to roam


    no fence on other side of lake

  • 32. Where all the cool dogs go

    by: CindyRK

    My dog LOVES Twin Lakes. Since it has been fenced it is so nice to take her there and I have no worries she will run off. It is large so we can go back and forth and she can see all the dogs who are there. It is the best place to excercise her and it is next to the MKT trail so we can go walking before or after park time. Love it!


    Fenced, large, next to walking trails, in town


    Sometimes they run out of poop bags, goose poop

  • 33. Lady's favorite local park

    by: MissAnnACP

    Lady loves to run and play with other dogs at this great park. After a long walk on the Katy Trail. Too bad she isn't a swimmer...the lake is a great place for dogs to swim.


    close to home


    no gate on one side

  • 34. A good park!

    by: stephielulu

    This is a good place for animals becuase its clean and near a lake so if you want to let your dog go for a swim go ahead! Also its a good walking area for dogs and for humans!


    it is alos a good place to just relax..


    very clean