Turtle lake boarding & grooming kennel

310 maple street south
Turtle lake, WI 54889
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Good Vet

    by: goresa

    I thought that this was a wonderful vet for many years. They were great with my dog and are very kind. The only thing is when my dog was sick, they assumed that it was because of the bad dog food. When we went to put the dog down at another vet, they said it was lymes disease. By then, it was too late and my dog's kidneys were already shutting down. I felt that they should have done a lymes disease test, instead of assuming that it was bad dog food. Especially since we didn't buy a food that was on the recall list. We were disappointed and lost a great dog.


    They were very nice and they new my dog's name.


    Blamed pet illnesses on bad dog food.

  • 2. Vets

    by: scoter13

    This is a country vet, They do what is best for your pets not how to fill there pockets like a lot of other vets. They offer suggestions, and if they don't know the answer they will get back to you.They try not to do unnecessary test, but with the goal of keeping a healthy pet. I'm glad we found you.


    Can get in right away


    Further away than i would like

  • 3. Love it!

    by: sashamarie

    I love this vet over all the others in the area because they are affordable and know what they are doing! I reccommend it!


    Cheap and reliable