Tupelo-lee humane society

2400 south gloster street
Tupelo, MS 38801
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User Reviews (17)

  • 1. Caring for animals more than could imagine

    by: shellena

    This Shelter has proven something to me. I have been to a few and none compare to this one. They are caring for all animals (including what society considers an aggressive breed), they prefer to adopt the animal out than to put them to sleep. The coordinators are friendly and you can hear the love for the animals that they have just by the way they talk about them. This includes the people that work at the Spay / Neuter Clinic. God Bless each and every one of these people that work at this shelter. They are ALL God's gift to the animals.


    friendly, caring, loving



  • 2. Making a lot with a little

    by: nelsongravatt

    \nWith the help of fund raisers such as art festivals, pancake breakfasts, a golf tournament and very, very dedicated volunteers this shelter has stayed afloat for many years. The future is bright and the people of Lee county are lucky to have this shelter.


    Small budget--Big heart


    Need much more funding or large corporate sponsor

  • 3. From MickeeMiller

    by: Mickee

    I go there often to visit and I make donations. The staff tries had to do their best with what they have.


    Very nice volunteers doing the best they can.


    They need a larger facility.

  • 4. need play area

    by: liza23

    They seem to need more vollenters to maybee walk the dogs. Ive never seen that much worry and stress on a group of dogs. They were in a tiny room with nothing to look at but a brick wall. Its like a horrible jail, where the prisioners did nothing wrong. They have no medical care and no outside play area. I cant get the images of those dogs sad lonely eyes out of my head. These animals need a reason to live,some hope> please help in any way you can.


    The pets have a dry place to sleep and food.


    The dogs looked so sad their wasnt enuff room in the tiny cages for full grown dogs. They never see the light of day and cant walk around at all.

  • 5. In Need of New Shelter

    by: ymerritt

    TLHS desperately needs a new facility! More room! Folks who work there and who volunteer there and doing an excellent job! God bless you all for your efforts and commitment!\r\nWe adopted from TLHS 3 years ago. Great pet! :-)\r\n


    doing the best with what they have


    need more room

  • 6. Great Shelter

    by: jamesreaton

    I've enjoyed my cat from there.





  • 7. TLHS is doing great!

    by: jubella

    TLHS is doing a great job working with the ammenities they have! They have been thru a lot in the past, but are making it! Keep up the good work!


    caring staff


    too small!

  • 8. Shelters good job...

    by: adoptsavealife

    I would say that I believe we are doin excellent for the limit amount of things we have I know my school might start a fundraiser for yall like getting dog/cat food, towels, toys, ect.


    I do believe we are doing a good job with our limited space and so on.


    None really

  • 9. great place to get a new friend!

    by: lexsmom

    Very nice .It has been a few years since I have been to the shelter and I couldn't believe the change .Very clean and it didn't smell . Although it is a very small place they do a very good job.The staff are very helpful and nice . I saw a puppy on their web sight and went in to look at him , needless to say he came home with me and we love him . He is half sheltie and half pom, he is so sweet . They had his sister also but I didn't have room for anther dog. Hope someone adopted her. I hope they can get into another building someday that is bigger.


    Very clean place


    Small space

  • 10. Under-funded shelter

    by: sflambert

    This shelter does the best it can with what they have to work with (which is not much.) We need a much bigger shelter. Tupelo has WAY more animals than people who want them. The humane society does its best to find all of these animals good homes, but unfortunately the task is overwhelming and many animals have to be put down due to lack of room.


    Hard working people and high quality pets


    Small, cramped building. Not enough room for all of the animals

  • 11. TLHS could use everyone's help!

    by: Miern

    This is a wonderful shelter with dedicated caring staff members who work tirelessly for the homeless animals in this area. The building they are working in is older and in need of repair. They could use a lot more kennels, Kuranda beds, food, blankets, etc. I wish everyone in Tupelo could tour it just once. These animals need our help!


    wonderful caring staff


    Is in need of more space, food, Kuranda beds, etc.

  • 12. Their hard work is paying off for the community

    by: LeeNorris

    TLHS staff and board have been working oh so hard to turn this shelter into the very best for Tupelo-Lee community. The changes that have been made over the past couple of years are tremendous; the staff and board are upgrading and adding more more more to become the very best they can be. Their efforts are paying off and their support is increasing. Kudos to all who have been a part of this great story for Northeast Mississippi animals!


    Great new staff and dedicated board


    Uphill climb, but changes are being made in great stride!

  • 13. Wonderful Place

    by: boomer07

    This is a wonderful human society! We just got our second pet from there and everyone was very nice and they are trying so hard to get all of the renovations done that they can do. They are doing a vonderful job of holding events to raise the money they need! I just wish we had a big enough yard to take them all home!


    All the animals were very cute


    Not enough homes for the animals to go to

  • 14. Dogs

    by: jendale99

    I think the Tupelo-Lee Humane Society is doing a wonderful job helping animals. They need more donations to help them be even better than they are now. I hope they will win the makeover contest as they are in great need of a makeover. The animals there seemed to be greatly loved. The cats were friendly and so were the dogs. They didn't seem to be scared at all. They provide great service as well. I was a basket case when I went in there because my dog of four years had died the day before. I wanted to get one that looked just like Fat Boy. He was half Great Dane and half Lab. We ended up getting a Sheppard mix instead. I've never owned a German Sheppard but this little pup seems like she will be a wonderful pet for our home.


    your pet will automatically be spayed or neutered


    they need more donations

  • 15. Shetler

    by: Katlee

    The staff are cleaning it up, making lots of repairs, adding new flooring, cages, etc. They have a very old and run down building they have to work with and are doing well with what they have. The other thing is they are using lots of infection control measures to prevent spreading of germs. This means healthier pets for our community. :)


    Cleaning it up, Infection Control


    Not enough money

  • 16. shelter review

    by: poundpup1973

    the shelter just purchased alot of new kennels for cats and small dogs and they are doing alot of other cleaning up around the shelter to. the shelter is in real need of proper dog runs for the dog area and holding area. they could use the make over from this contest for sure.


    new kennels for small dogs and cats look good


    dog kennels in dog area need to be replaced

  • 17. The shelter is doing a great job!

    by: beagle

    I think this shelter is really doing a good job; they are dealing with an older building, low funding and all the other normal things shelters have to deal with. What sets them apart is the grace they have, despite the above mentioned conditions, they strive to serve the animals and the public as best they can. The shelter is improving each day more and more, the new renovations are spectacular. I am proud to volunteer for them and help support them in any way I can. We adopted a puppy from TLHS in August and she got a clean bill of health from the vet, they noted how healthy she was and were very please. She is a joy to have in our lives and we are so lucky to have her. Thank you TLHS for all you do for the animals in our community!


    The staff is very caring and they are doing a wonderful job!


    None that I can see, all I see is improvements!