Trudy's pooch parlor

111 south street
Lehighton, PA 18235
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  • 1. Stop by and Visit Kolby!

    by: StormhavenGSDs

    Yes it's true.. Mom works there.. which means we get to go along. Kolby accompanies Mom to The Pooch Parlor everyday.. and Riley visits from time to time. Trudy and Lorrie (Mom) really DO love their clients and their pets. They put the pet's Comfort first.. sometimes that means a shave down of a matted pet..but you can tell how good those pets feel when all those mats come off ! Trudy and Mom are always trying to educate the pet's owners,, whether it be the importance of proper nutrition.. showing the owners how to brush, so the pet doesnt get matted in the first place.. publicizing local low-cost vaccination clinics.. helping owners locate new puppies.. The girls never Really stop working. Trudy and Lorrie are always looking for new and improved products to make grooming your pet even better... They LOVE finding pet colognes to make your pet smell better than your spouse! Even if Mom didnt work there.. this is the place we'd choose to get our monthly baths.. When we leave, We Feel Great.. We Look Great..We Smell Wonderful.. and .. we get Treats and Report Cards too!! When you bring in your pet, please say Hi to Kolby ..I cant wait to meet You!


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