Trooper Veterinary Hospital

7 North Park Ave & Ridge Pike - Behind Walgreens
Norristown, PA 19403

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  • 1. nightmare! do not go!

    by: MaizysMom

    I just moved to the area and was impressed with Trooper's facility- it seemed modern,nice and new. When I arrived for the appointment there were 3 receptionists and they completely ignored my dog and myself. Didn't say hello, didn't offer treats, nothing. The vet we saw was the owner and he was just horrible. I told him my dog was nervous and asked him to be gentle. My dog is a small whippet/terrier/beagle mix- less than 25 lbs. He has never bitten anyone and is the sweetest dog ever. The vet examined him very rough and grabbed his paw and Patches bared his teeth slightly. Didn't growl, didn't bite, didn't snap. The vet lost it, CHOKED my dog with both hands and pushed him against the wall and yelled "No! No Bite! No biting the vet!" I grabbed his hands and pulled him off my dog and told him we only do positive reinforcement and not violence and told him he completely overreacted. When I got home, I called the office and let them know I was appalled at the vet's behavior and would never take my dog there again. The office manager didn't even sound suprised. These vets and their staff are uncaring and treat animals as if they are objects. I do not reccomend them to anyone!\r\n


    large facility


    evil veterinarians