Tri county humane shelter

21287 boca rio road
Boca raton, FL 33433

User Reviews (7)

  • 1. Nice shelter

    by: Cawalker415

    This shelter takes very good care of their animals. They keep it clean and are knowledgeable about their shelter. Hats off to them.


    take good care of the animals



  • 2. Saving Lives

    by: Counrty

    I adopted my hushy in April '08. I was interviewed & had to have a vet check before I was considered for the adoptation of my baby. I thought that was a great way to screen adoptors. I thought that the cages were clean & the dogs were happy to see everyone coming by ( hoping for a home of their own). I found it hard to leave with just one dog. They all need a good home


    healthy animals


    leaving some behind

  • 3. great shelter, caring staff

    by: Katewideman

    I love Tri-County. I visit there all the time. i got my dog Riley from there 6 months ago.The staff is very dedicated. I think that do great with the resources they have. It would be great if they could expand and take in more animals in need.


    caring staff


    limited resources

  • 4. I love helping out over there because I know the dogs are safe and have a good home.

    by: phoebefeet

    When I walk the dogs there I often fall in love with so many dogs my friend ask me how do you not just take them all home. I tell them because I know they work hard on finding them good homes and they take good care of them. It is safe in there for both dogs, cats and people. With all the cages they have they work fast to clean they all up. They have nice big play pins for they the dogs to play in. I have been there when some really sick dogs have been brought in and they get right on top of caring for them and making shore they get the care they need. these are just some of the good things that go on and I know there is a lot more.


    They clean the cages all the time to make shure it stays clean


    The cages are small for some of the bigger dogs that end upstaying a long time.

  • 5. Tri County Humane Society is my home away from home as well as many animals'

    by: hirschiekiss17

    The Tri-County Humane Society is wonderful. I volunteer there in the cat room, which is two rooms with a little outside porch for the cats. They are not in cages and able to roam free. The dogs are in cages but they are in decent sized cages and are walked and taken care of with great attention everyday. I have never been to a place that makes me feel more comfortable. I love the people that I volunteer with and that work there. They treat animals with great respect and care. They also do not euthanize animals there, it is a no kill humane society. It is a fantastic place for animals. The administration is also very strict on who they allow to adopt animals. They want to make sure that animals go to good homes. It is very clean there, especially I would know because I was a part of the cleaning process, which actually wasn't terrible. There are many great aspects of this shelter but most important they give the animals losts of love and attention! Anyway Tri-County Humane Society rocks! :]\r\n


    it's a no kill humane society, the cats roam free, and the animals are treated with respect


    There are no major cons that I can think of right now. Although, they do need lots of help with all the animals there.

  • 6. Tri County Humane Society is AWESOME

    by: Ahorne

    The Tri County Humane Society is a great shelter located in Boca Raton. Everyone there loves the animals and treats every dog and cat that come through the door like they are their own. This shelter is highly recommended!!


    They Care, their staff rocks!



  • 7. Tri County Animal Shelter/ humane Society

    by: terifain

    This shelter really cares and does the best with what they have. It would be great if they could expand and be modernized and be able to take in more animals. They have a great turn over rate on adoptions.


    This is a no kill shelter.


    Sometimes they are too full to take in anymore animals.