Tri county animal shelter

6707 animal shelter road
Hughesville, MD 20637
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Please Help !

    by: Lindalouski

    Our community needs to help our local animal shelter. A make over is way over due. Our shleter coveres 3 countys and at times the shelter is way over crowded. The staff is very helpful and even compationate.


    The staff is very helpful.


    The shelter doesn't have enough room for such a large area that they serve!

  • 2. Tri County is in Desperate need of a makeover!!! PLEASE HELP!

    by: SammyDoll

    This kennel accomodates the strays, and homeless animals from three different counties. It is old and in desperate need of a makeover. I can't think of any other kennel in the area that could use a makeover more!


    can accomodate lots of animals


    needs air conditioning

  • 3. TCS NEEDS A/C!!

    by: khorrock

    Tri-County needs an air conditioning system so those poor animals that are already stressed out to the extreme can rest in a comfortable environment. They also need more areas outside for the dogs to run off their energy. Most dogs are locked in their cages 24 hours a day with no chance for one on one human contact out of their cage. The cattery is also very small for the amount of cats in the three counties they get animals from. They need a bigger cattery.


    usually clean when I have visited the facility


    Staff should be more personable