Treehouse Animal Clinic

3404 Northside Parkway Northwest
Atlanta, GA 30327

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. worked with me

    by: flashallen13

    Really clean place and good location. My dog is very nervous at the vet and I shared this with the staff. The first vet made the mistake of trying to comfort my dog as a human would be comforted, not as a dog. It only made her more nervous and act out on that. The second vet better-he didn't get scared by my dog freaking out and just continued to hold her until she calmed down enough for him to do his job.


    clean place, very helpful staff


    vets not very knowledgable on dog behavior

  • 2. I love Trreehouse!

    by: alaskat

    This is a great clinic. I moved here two years ago and was so happy to have this recommended to me, as finding the right vet is so important. Hugh White is my favorite doctor there; he really cares and takes time to explain everything. They know me now by my dogs when I walk in, which is a nice feeling. It's the kind of place I won't want to lose if I have to move out of town.