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Paradise, CA 95969
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User Reviews (12)

  • 1. Great service shelter.

    by: Dianafairmaiden

    Last year a neighbor was feeding wild cats and it drew in the skunks. We had to trap them because of health reasons and the shelter took them in. They were so kind and helpful to us. They couldn't take the skunks but another agency took them for a small fee. Once the food supply ended (they were told not to feed skunks) all resolved itself,and our house cats could go outside again. Thanx.


    Helpful and kind


    Needs to be bigger.

  • 2. great people

    by: etherealmm

    These guys do a very good job





  • 3. Shelter on the ridge

    by: PittsPackLeading

    I commend any personnel in an organization that is dedicated to a cause greater themselves. Your shelter seems to do a great job but I think Animal Control and yourselves would have a lot less work if you focused a little energy on educating the community. I like that Paradise has a walking path through town and places to take dogs everywhere.


    Hats off to anyone helping animals


    Not very educated staff

  • 4. A small shelter with lots of heart

    by: Smokeysdad

    This is a very small shelter. I think they only have one small row of dogs and maybe...mmmm....10 kennels? The staff is really great and always friendly when I go in. I've also seen them working out in the field and they really care and aren't rude.


    friendly, knowledgable, not too overwhelmed



  • 5. Great small town shelter

    by: chicinmudd

    The Paradise Town Animal Shelter is really great. It's run by Animal Control and these officers really do care. I've run across some in other cities who maybe care about the animals, but are so rude to people. I've worked with the officers first hand during the fires this summer at emergency animal shelters and they are first rate. Not only are they out there working their butts off to keep animals safe, but they really care about them and are really friendly, funny and nice. They bring this back to the shelter whenever I've been in there and are always helpful. It's a small shelter but the animals seem happy and the staff is very caring.


    friendly, helpful, caring



  • 6. Loving staff works hard with very little

    by: savannahbomb

    this shelter is nice for a small town and they do a very good job with the little funding that they have.


    big heart for a little shelter


    small, maybe underpaid and not funded enough

  • 7. Small, but try hard

    by: Paradisedog

    I know some of the volunteers who foster animals from this shelter. They really try hard to help all of the animals find homes.\r\n\r\nI like the fact that the animals are now on for the public to see! I think that may help increase adoptions (and interest from rescue groups).\r\n\r\nThe shelter itself is quite small. They have indoor/outdoor runs for the dogs. Most dogs are in individual kennels. There is a grassy, shaded area in the back to exercise the animals, as well as for potential adoptors to interact with the dogs.


    Good shelter supporters


    Not well known

  • 8. Nice, small shelter

    by: Reggae69

    I like the small town feel of this shelter, but also know that the staff works very hard just to keep it all going. They now have animals available for viewing on PetHarbor! \r\n\r\nIt is nice to see a small shelter putting forth such good effort. They just had a mural completed earlier this year (2008) and it is very nice. A student at PHS took this on as her senior project!\r\n\r\nThere is a small parking lot, and some street parking available as well. The staff will greet you warmly as you enter the front office and do their best to help.


    Staff really tries


    Underfunded, not well known

  • 9. They are a small but try

    by: CatLadyMegan

    They are small and the folks underpaid, but they do it for the love of animals. For not having a strong funding source, they really give it their best. I appreciate what the workers do.\r\n\r\nI do have to admit however, it can be frustrating when there is an animal who has been hit in the road and killed but it never gets picked up, it just disintegrates in the road after being run over time after time. I've seen this numerous times, on a city road within city limits, so it would be their jurisdiction. I do understand though, they can't do it all and some areas have to slip.\r\n


    Good hearted, caring folks


    poorly funded

  • 10. do what they can

    by: kimmycat13

    This shelter does what they can with the small amount of staff and funds they have


    try really hard


    low staff

  • 11. Small town shelter

    by: Marleydog

    Attentive staff. Offered use of dog wash area when adopting a new dog. Also helpful to our neighbors when someone let their dogs out and they ran away!!\r\n\r\nParadise Animal Control just "hosted" a 45-day late fee amnesty for licensing your dog -- many people took part!


    Small town feel


    Not very large (good & bad!)

  • 12. First review

    by: ztT4MP62693797

    This is the nicest shelter i've seen in many years. everyone is so friendly. it is so clean you enjoy visiting.