Town of huntington animal shelter

106 deposit road
East northport, NY 11731
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User Reviews (4)

  • 1. The Huntingon Shelter is a great place to adopt from volunteers

    by: Rescuergal

    The volunteers at the shelter, most of whom are all there all day at the shelter Saturdays (best day to adopt) are organized as a volunteer group called League for Animal Protection of Huntington. They temperment screen the dogs and write a report that includes the min age of kid the dog can be with (usually because of jumping on little kids). They socialize them, train them and once you adopt, your relationship doesn't end. You can call Jane or any other volunteer anytime and ask for any kind of question (who's the best vet around here, what is the best wholistic food, what do I do about XXXX). They will be very honest and do whatever it takes to make a happy match forever. The problem is that the town workers are politically connected and many sit in the front cubicle and play with the internet. They don't update the website, however, but play with shopping sites, porn, etc. The dogs, in the meantime, don't regularly get the medicine prescribed by the vet the volunteers pay for. One worker brutally euthanized a dog and almost killed a volunteer and two little boys with the needle and instead of firing him, and the story ended up in the paper, the volunteer was told that if she opens her mouth again, she will be banned. He was kep because he and his father are politically connected to the powerful democrats in Huntington, including the Town Supervisor. This moron was kicked out of the highway dept, I hear, for being too stupid so they stuck him in the shelter since the animals cannot speak. If you care about animals, remember, election day is Tuesday so vote on the Republican ticket so we can change this system and the good old boy network. I have the power 7 years later now to fix this mess and I will.


    The volunteers (Sat best days)


    The Town workers (politically connected, most lazy, don't care)

  • 2. wonderful people and dogs

    by: mrenz

    all my dogs have come from this shelter. The volunteers there test the dogs to a great extent, and if you are looking for a dog to be a pal for your other dog, they will test the 2 dogs together for a period of time. They will go to extreme lengths to find the perfect match. I have a dog that isn't other dog friendly and for 2 months we tested her with a handful of dogs. Every weekend I went up there with Krystal and spent hours having her just meet a dog and the volunteers would base the compatibility on body language and how well they go for a walk side by side and the next step would be how well they are on leash in the dog pen, then its off leash in the dog pen. This place does fabulous things, they really work hard to make their dogs adoptable. The Huntington town shelter is my #1 spot for adopting a dog.


    personable staff, volunteers are nice, friendly very experienced and knowledgeable


    small areas for the dogs to live in, also plastic bed type things

  • 3. caring shelter

    by: marieandgirls

    I have heard so many great things about this shelter from friends of mine who volunteer there. They work so hard to place the animals right down to the last minute and usually the animal gets placed before it's too late. Their euthanization rates are quite low due to the staff's hard work and dedication.


    staff goes the extra mile for all animals


    can't think of any

  • 4. OK

    by: aussiejodi

    The Huntington Town Shelter is fairly decent. They don't euthanize much and are usually pretty quick to respond to calls about stray animals. Their own big downfall is that they don't work well as well as they could with rescue groups. Many of their dogs would be out of there and possibly in homes if they didn't charge non-profit rescue groups a full adoption fee.


    Rarely euthanize


    Don't give rescues a break