Town of hempstead animal control and shelter

3320 beltagh avenue
Wantagh, NY 11793
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User Reviews (11)

  • 1. Doing the best they can

    by: leha3215

    They are the home for all the unwanted animals and they do the best they can with what they have.


    home for the unwanted


    sooo many animals

  • 2. They Need Our Help!

    by: maty

    TOH does the best they can with what they have. They have to take in dogs from a very large area. They could use the help of volunteers.


    helping animals


    over run

  • 3. the sad part is the public

    by: jschuster

    they have alot of adoption in 2007 they had around 1,640 adoptions. they work with resuce groups, they work with Kjoy radio that helps with adoptions by talking about the animals and posting pictures. They do animal adoption programs where they bring animals out to different events (street fairs, the pet expo, ect). The public tends to dislike this shelter cause it has so many animals but yet where would these animals be if the shelter didnt take them in??? still on the streets in the cold starved, getting hit by cars. This shelter trys very hard to do everything they can and they have made many changes over the years. Is there room for improvement? there always is... no shelter is perfect.


    they get homeless animals off the street


    the public gives the shelter a bad name

  • 4. They can do better

    by: Emilila

    This shelter is such a sad place. It has many, many dogs and some cats. The runs are small and cramped and it doesn't look inviting at all. I wish they would have some group take it over and make it no kill. There is really no excuse in this day and age for a kill shelter anyway.


    Trying not to euthanize as quickly


    A kill shelter

  • 5. really overcrowded

    by: PhyllisKatzen

    sad how many animals they have there for adoptions.


    they try to do adoptions



  • 6. so many dogs

    by: DanZ

    they need a volunteer program


    do many adoptions



  • 7. the dogs were coughing

    by: grams6

    to many for any one facility


    they give them away some times


    they should be vet checked

  • 8. they need more rescue people to help

    by: ralffie44

    The last dog adopted out of there has kennel cough but they did take care of it for the owner


    hold many animals


    they need more caring people

  • 9. so many dogs

    by: Freeport

    they need to do more adoptions


    lots of animals for adoption


    need more rescue groups

  • 10. A sad shelter

    by: brandy4

    This shelter has way too many dogs and far too little help. What staggers me is why, in this day and age they do not consistently reach OUT for volunteers and support in order to save more animals. \n\nThey can do better than this. The last time I was there, a few months ago, there were empty cat cages that were left dirty and uncleaned. \n\n


    They would probably do more if they could


    The only game in town for strays

  • 11. Just overwhelmed...

    by: trojo1521

    Given that it serves such a large area, TOH does what they can. They have about 100 dogs and no volunteers to help. They would be best served setting up an organized volunteer system to help socialize them.


    They try and do what they can


    Over 100 dogs with half the space