Town of babylon animal shelter

51 lamar street
West babylon, NY 11704
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User Reviews (11)

  • 1. bad shelter

    by: Msimone

    i noticed they are very nasty in the office. and very discriminating. i went to adopt a pup and everything was good then i went to see her and they denied me. for too many people in the home. a large 3 bedroom 6 people. fenced in big yard. but they did adopt out to a family with 5 people in a 2 bedroom with 2 large dogs. and now a 3rd. no yard its an apt. after being there over an hour i also noticed not one dog went out for play time. they keep them in there small cages. other places walk there dogs 5 to 7 times a day. this place does not..... this place needs someone who is going to care for these animals. not discriminate against good people trying to give a pet a good home.





  • 2. the truth

    by: faith7

    This shelter has a long way to go insofar as dealing with the public. The staff at the window is surly and unwelcoming. The shelter director is making an effort however he lets his ego stand in the way of helping the animals. Many shelters have blankets and beds, this shelter does not allow the dogs to have beds or blankets. The shelter is noisy dogs are always barking because they do not get enough exercise. The director promised to allow volunteers and initiate a volunteer program. He made that promise years ago.Still no volunteer program. They are still killing for lack of space.


    kill rate is down


    no volunteer group

  • 3. Great little shelter so local and affrodable!

    by: btornabene

    I went to this shelter thinking about unwanted/abandoned animals in pathetic surroundings. What I found inside were dedicated people with many adorable, clean, well-kept adoptable pets! I got my new baby kitten there already neutered with his first shots for a total of $40.00! A diamond in the Ruff! (no pun intended!) I plan on checking back in from time to time for a puppy!


    Clean and inviting


    Location-hard to find

  • 4. Trying hard

    by: Studmuffin

    This shelter works very hard with what they have. Lots of intake and not enough homes. This is near my sister so I stop in sometimes to see whos new.


    Trying hard with limited funds



  • 5. great job

    by: gibs7usa

    this shelter does a great job taking in and caring for animals that no one else wants - we applaud your efforts!





  • 6. A Good Shelter

    by: leha3215

    Like most town shelters, they take all the unwanted and try to find them homes. They do the best they can.


    helps the animals


    not enough adopters

  • 7. Great Shelter Needing Help

    by: Mojollysmom

    Any animal shelter that takes in any and every animal, while working hard to adopt out as many as possible to good, loving homes definitely deserves to be considered for a make over! The staff here goes out of its way to make sure animals are kept clean, fed and get some attention daily. Thank goodness for people and places such as this. The fact that the are encouraging adoption of Pits gives them a spot in my heart.


    a very dedicated staff


    doing the best with less

  • 8. Doing the Best they Can

    by: trojo1521

    Being a city shelter, it is difficult because they get all the animals that no one wants. They have more animals then they can really place but do the best that they can with what they have.


    helping animals



  • 9. A Good Place

    by: maty

    Like most town shelters, they have the difficult job of taking all the animals that no one else wants. They do their best and should be commended for it.


    helping so many animals


    not enough space

  • 10. Love this shelter!

    by: lilmommamia

    I have worked with Dina at this shelter and she is simply awesome! I am a pitbull advocate and Dina helped me to rescue our little Mojo. Dina is trying very hard to help overcome the stigma attached to pitbulls and this shelter could use some funding to help HER!


    Great staff!


    Too far away from me :(

  • 11. I love Babylon Animal Shelter...

    by: itsblueiz

    I am the Vet tech over at Babylon Animal shelter. I am thankful for the support. We are trying hard to improve the shelter but we do need space and resources. I started working at this shelter about 3 months ago. There has been so much positive change.\r\n We have sooo many great adoptable animals and the adoption rate has increased. I do evaluations as well as others at the shelter. So I have a good impression on the temperment of most of the animals. It helps get my babies placed with the right family. My director has arranged wonderful volenteers that help so much. As well as animal trainers to help with our special ones. I am very happy to be working in the shelter. Not only do these homeless animals need us, but it feels great to know I am part of making them healthy and happy. \r\n


    Placing the right animal with with the right people.


    Needs a makeover!!