Town Lake

2100 Barton Springs Road
Austin, TX

User Reviews (14)

  • 1. For a good time!

    by: smithkristin

    this is the best place in austin to take your dogs. there is so many things for a dog to do there. swim, so much space for the dogs to run and play. we love to take the dogs there and let them play and run around. cause when we get home they a beat and sleep for a nice long while. its great fun for everyone too. even if you don't have dogs, its always fun to watch and laught at there other dogs running and playing in the water. lol


    they always have water for drinking



  • 2. The Heart of Austin

    by: ShirleyC

    There's nothing like the Town Lake Hike and Bike Trail. The trail is wide and smooth, made of crushed granite. The scenery includes views of the lake, fields of wildflowers, blooming trees, and a fabulous cross section of Austin life - runners, walkers, dog walkers, bicyclists. It provides a great opportunity to train your dog to be out in public and to contend with bikes flying by, runners jogging toward you, other dogs and various odd-looking folks. I highly recommend it.


    safe, great trail surface, great people-watching


    can be crowded on the weekends

  • 3. Love the hike and bike trail

    by: whickums

    The hike and bike trail that runs along Town Lake is several miles long round trip. It is nicely maintained and pretty wide in most areas. Since it runs along Town Lake there are lots of areas where you can let your dog dive in for a quick swim break. Around the Auditorium Shores area it is leash free, and there is also a dog park there. You will always see people walking, running, and biking around here with their dogs, but it gets too busy for me during peak times.


    nicely maintained trail, opportunities for swim breaks


    crowded during peak times

  • 4. Pet Friendly

    by: mallingc

    This is a great place to take your pet. Lots of trails, lots of people, lots of dogs, and lots to sniff. Gin likes the variety around every corner.


    Great place for dogs



  • 5. Town Lake is a great place for dogs!

    by: nancyraab

    My dogs, my husband and I love Town Lake. We start our walk at Austin High (actually, the kayak ramp,) and hike at a fast pace around the lake to the dog park. There, we take a break and let the dogs galavant. They sniff other dogs, wade in shallow shores and taste the water. They have a blast!


    Lots of very friendly dogs, water to play in, and room to romp


    Parts are near traffic

  • 6. Town lake is a great place to go for a walk

    by: izka

    Great place to go for a walk. Love to take my friends dog there. Lots of interesting spots to stop with the dog. She gets to see something new every time. People are very friendly. Great Austin asset.


    Great walking trail


    Sometimes it get crowded

  • 7. well socialized dog place

    by: debkthomp

    There are miles and miles of trails around Town Lake (now called Lady Bird Johnson Lake). They are clean and well patroled. Lots of dog and people amineties. You just have to watch out for the bikes and crowds, especially on weekends and evenings.


    clean, good trails


    lots of traffic

  • 8. Good exercise for you and your dog

    by: dewittg

    The quintessential dog walking trails in Austin. Can be fairly crowded on weekends, so weekdays are best if your schedule allows. I found it a helpful place to walk my golden to help her learn to walk nicely around people and other dogs.


    Good trails, dogs love all the sights, smells, and sounds


    Speeding bicycles, crowded on weekends

  • 9. Dogs love to jog

    by: AnneChild

    If your dog likes people, this is the place to be. Walkers, joggers, canoers, bikers... all with dogs. Then there's the coots and ducks and swans you can chase in the water!


    lots of great trails


    lots of people

  • 10. A Really Nice Dog Park in Austin

    by: erobin

    This is a terrific place to go with your best pal(s)! It is free, the park is always clean, dog water bowls are next runner's drinking stations, an awesome view of Austin, and all the dog owners (and non-owners) are really nice. \n\nDogs of all sizes are always running around and having fun on the open field, swimming in the lake or running with their owners on the various trails alongside the park/lake. Owners or walkers are always nice and pick up after their pets. \n\nSeveral restaurants and businesses adjacent to the park also cater to owners who have their dogs with them and/or have water bowls (Austin Java, RunTex). \n\nSince our dogs are Italian greyhounds, we have them on leash so they don't take off, but our dogs always enjoy their time at Town Lake!


    Clean, open, lots to do, great way to socialize (dogs/self), water bowls, nearby restaurants cater to owners with dogs


    Not fenced; Can get crowded if there is a running/bike race or concert

  • 11. Great place for dogs!

    by: bryaninaustin

    Water, leash free park, trails, people, other dogs.... What more could a dog want?!


    Great for dogs



  • 12. nice park and trail

    by: jynx

    Town Lake is a great park. I'm always amazed by how peaceful it feels there when it's in the middle of Austin! Well socialized dogs love this place. So many smells and people. It's also a great place to work with building a dog's confidence since there are many many ways to access the trail, with places you can sit off to the side and watch people go by. It gives a wide variety of activity opportunities.


    nice trail for walking, jogging, biking


    can be busy

  • 13. Good park for active dogs

    by: leacline

    I like this park a lot for dogs - especially outings with shelter dogs. However, Jasper does not like it that much. There are a lot of dogs and he has an overload...he gets very distracted by the noises and smells and ends up under my legs.\nBut, if you have an active dog-loving pup, this is a great place to hang. Just pick up after yourself!


    Lots of space to wander, and good smells


    Lots of dogs

  • 14. Great Place to Walk Dogs

    by: jcass43

    When I take dogs on outings from AHS, I like to take them to Town Lake. We run, they can swim and they get exposure to so many new things they can't get at the shelter. I think this helps them adjust better to new environments by getting exposure like this. Every dog I've taken there seemed to have a great time. \r\n\r\nThe only thing I don't like about the trails is there are too many bikes on them. going too fast for all the dogs and runners that use these trails. \r\n\r\n


    Great Trails, lots of swimming areas


    Crowds, too many bikes