Town and country humane society

P.o. box 1238
Orland, CA 95963
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User Reviews (9)

  • 1. Thank God for this shelter

    by: kcollaloha

    This shelter is a godsend! The Glenn county sheriffs office and the Orland Police are notorious for getting animals and putting them down immediately. I have heard alot of reports of this and know one first hand. If I was not so involved in the Butte Humane Society - I would be totally involved in this one. I pray for them all the time.


    Wonderful caring people


    not enough money EVER

  • 2. great shelter

    by: etherealmm

    Very nice small town shelter





  • 3. Big heart; shoestring budget!

    by: lieberhund

    TCHS is almost entirely volunteer-run and donation-funded in the poorest county in California. We're giving our all to keeping this place going - even improving it! - but it's hard with so few resources. Anyone who can volunteer a few hours each month does us a major service! I score us 5 stars for effort, and 2.5 stars for community support...


    We're doing our best!


    Minimal open hours, no money!

  • 4. Helps animals!

    by: Reggae69

    Nice small town shelter. Everyone seems to really care about helping the animals. They show genuine concern and try their best with a small facility. So great to interact with positive people showing compassion!




    not everyone knows about it!

  • 5. Good Shelter

    by: rujual

    This is a great shelter. I know people that work for them and they are dedicated and hard working. I hope they are able to stay in busniess.


    No Kill


    Going broke

  • 6. Need Help!

    by: Marleydog

    Very small shelter with small-town feel. Staff seems very caring and concerned about helping animals.\r\n\r\nI've spoken with a few folks who have worked/volunteered here. This shelter is currently in dire need of funds! I sure hope they can find what they need -- any shelter with their heart in the right place for animals deserves to move forward! (I believe they are having a spaghetti fundraiser soon)


    Friendly staff


    Unable to house many animals

  • 7. What a place

    by: rentmeone

    I guess thats is what you get at a shoddy no-kill shelter!


    It's a shelter


    They have mean dogs up for adoption!

  • 8. doing the best they can

    by: kimmycat13

    This shelter is full of people who try and want to make improvements. They really care for the animals!


    helping animals


    need more funds

  • 9. Awesome Humane Society

    by: blonderockstar2011

    This humane society is a really good place for the unfortunate animals of Glenn County. I worked there for a week and the people are so loving and caring. They really care about the animals. Its great to find people that really care about them. The animals are so sweet like little Lucy, the Pitbull puppy and Tucker, the golden lab. Those are just a few.


    Great staff, great attitude towards animals


    not enough money to help animals