Town & country veterinary clinic pc: doctor's hours by appointment

3127 n 5th st
Niles, MI 49121

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  • 1. I like

    by: hollyd

    I really like the vet there. I have 3 pits, a king shepherd and a bealge. Most vets are scared of the large breed dogs. I have had my oldest pitbull to 4 different vets. The first one he had I liked but he moved to a further away clinic. The vet that took his spot is scared of large breed dogs. The next vet I tried was scared of pit bulls the receptionist even agreed with me that he wasn't comfortable with them. But the vet I go to now has a shepherd and most of his clients have pit bulls. He doesn't talk bad about the breed like one of the other vets I went to did. So yes I like him. I would really like them if they were open more durning the day.. but if I really need to get in they usually can squeeze me in somehow.


    They are flexible with scheduleing


    They have wierd hours