Sunnyvale Veterinary Clinic

1036 W El Camino Real
Sunnyvale, CA 94087

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Really nice people

    by: tarogirl

    I liked the office good enough. I didn't know what to expect for just a check up,but it all worked out. I like the vet okay. The staff was nice. I would give a referral. Busy place.


    They are close and were referred to me by friends


    none,but prices are high these day everywhere

  • 2. Nice enough people, but they pander to Science Diet

    by: Jagiwar

    Someone correct me if they have been there more recently than I, but when we used this vet 2 years ago they were still taking the fat checks from Science Diet to pawn their substandard foods off on clients. I have a problem with this since veterinary health specialists should know that 99% of the time, Science Diet is NOT the best nutrition for your pet, or even close to it. We fell for it too with blind faith in our vet until we did our own research. Having said that, they did provide quality care and the vet we worked with was very nice and took her time with us. Our cat was acting unusually lethargic so they did a full blood test panel to make sure nothing serious was going on. It cost $75 but the peace of mind was priceless.


    Nice people, average prices, good care


    Sell substandard pet foods