Topsail humane society

304 becky's creek road
Hampstead, NC 28443

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Deeply Concerned

    by: SM2004

    ran by a family of animal hoarders that take their pick of the dogs that come through. Take one look inside and around the house that the people who run it live in and you'll see. The poor dogs they selfishly add to their collection don't have a chance a real happy home and it just saddens me. Most of the time the animals are out in the cold/heat with little to no protection and no food or water. There is reason why they want you to "make an appointment" to come by. Don't be fooled by the family that runs this place and don't try to bring your concerns to their attention or they will become hostile, defensive and threatening. I hope this shelter gets exposed for what it really is because my heart breaks for the unfortunate dogs that get hoarded instead of adopted. Why this place is still open is beyond me especially after facing so much scrutiny in the past.


    the lucky dogs that actually get adopted.


    ran by a family of animal hoarders

  • 2. Two for the price of one!

    by: waterhorse

    The Topsail Humane Society is also The Canine Beach Club for dogs whose owners need to board them for awhile. The cost of the board is reasonable and a 100% money goes to Topsail Humane Society.\r\nWhat a great way to link dog and cat lovers.\r\n\r\nMy dog,Sammy, is well cared for and is in good spirits and condition when I pick him up.\r\n\r\nNEW PHONE NUMBER (910) 270-2660


    Wonderful place and 100% goes to the THS


    not enough room; but they are working on this.

  • 3. Hi

    by: Hollywood

    Don't kill the animals put a ad in paw prints saying the shelter needs volunteers.


    Has a lot of cute animals!


    kills animals in a kill box!