Tishomingo Animal Clinic

Hwy 99 North
Tishomingo, OK 73460

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  • 1. Tator's Vet Visit

    by: collieluver

    Overall, my collie Tator's recent visit to the vet wasn't a bad experience. We arrived, unloaded Tator, and headed for the front door. It was all going well until... we found a German Shepherd in the waiting room. This wouldn't be a problem at all except for the fact that he scared Tator half to death so that Tator refused to go in until the other dog was gone.\r\n I think this situation would have been more easily handled had there been a larger waiting room, but maybe Tator would have refused to enter anyway.;)\r\n The wait was longer than we would have liked, but once we got called in the visit ran relatively smoothly. Tator has an ENORMOUS fear of the vet's office, but even though he made every possible attempt to escape, the vet was perfectly kind and mentioned any problem with Tator we might have missed (he might have a skin disease on his nose:( ).\r\n After we left the office, Tator and I waited outside while someone else paid. I took quite a while, but the nice, large space around the office gave Tator a place to explore.\r\n All in all, I would recommend the Tishomingo Veterinary Clinic to anyone who lives in the area.


    Very nice, polite staff and large yard


    A little bit small...