Timbers Veterinary Clinic

214 North Bliss
Tahlequah, OK 74464

User Reviews (13)

  • 1. Timbers is Great!

    by: kfite

    I have used Timbers for 9 years for ALL of my pets. They are caring, reasonably priced, and carry a good selection of the cat food I like. Over the years I've had to have 3 elderly and dying cats put down and one badly injured stray dog put down. Dr. Ullom and his staff are extra wonderful in that painful and emotional situation. They treat the pets like the kings and queens that they are and are very compassionate. They send nice sympathy cards as well.


    Friendly knowledgable staff, convenient location, clean


    availablility for emergencies

  • 2. My vet

    by: DanRita

    Dr. U. is my vet and my girls actually like him. At least they aren't terrified. He has always been very sweet and gentle with them.


    Very gentle


    none for me

  • 3. A Good Clinic

    by: ehscc320

    Dr. Ullom has an excellent "bedside manner" and seems to devote full attention to each patient. Several of his staff, through the years, have gone out of their way to be helpful.


    Calm, clean; convenient for in-town residents


    Higher on most services

  • 4. Love this Vet

    by: Ososr

    This is the best Vet I have had. He is soft spoken and if you make an appointment then you are sure to be able to get right in. You should make an appointment, unless it is an emergency, because he is very busy. I enjoy taking my animals there.





  • 5. Awesome Small pet Vet

    by: mquiett

    Dr. Ullom is soft spoken and loves animals and seems to really care about their illnesses or health. He is an excellent Veterinarian.





  • 6. Steve, has always been there for our pets.

    by: deilyn

    Our animals have always been seen, even without an appointment. Some times they've had to be seen after hours and Steve has always been available and willing to meet us at the clinic. I would reccomend the Timbers Vet clinic highly.


    The clinic is very clean, service is always top notch, and the staff is very helpful, and kind.


    We haven't had a bad experience, even when the outcome was not the best.

  • 7. Awesome Vet

    by: Klingerrr

    They're really nice and I love the big cats that run around there. They were really gentle and loving with my cats and we're going to start taking all of the animals there.


    They've always been very quick for me


    I don't really have any at this time


    by: jewels1985

    The vet absolutely loves pets, he remembers each pet he sees. He is great with my dog. He has given Winston a few shots and not once has Winston cried, he is just that good. He even gave him a microchip that he said was quite a large needle and most puppies cry for awhile, and he didn't even notice anything was going on! It was great! Highly recommended! It is also fun that they have a few cats running around, which are super sweet!


    clean, wonderful staff, LOVE the vet!



  • 9. Great Vet

    by: SRAHE

    This is a wonderful Vet. The staff is friendly and nice and helpful too. I wouldn't take my pets to any other place. He has saved many pets when they were ill for me. I think he's awesome!!!


    Honest, quiet, knowledgable


    No cons

  • 10. My Favorite

    by: tmurray123

    I have been taking my animals to Dr. Steve Ullom for 20 years now, and I absolutely love his mannerisms with them. He is so kind and gentle and will even take my calls and help me after hours in emergency situations. He's never let me down and he accidentally gave me his cell phone number once-a move I'm sure he regrets!


    Very knowledgeable, gentle, & resonably priced


    Not at the office 24 hours a day - lol

  • 11. Great Service

    by: BecD

    I found a Vet clinic that both I and my animals absolutely Love!!! Staff very knowlegeable and helpful. Wonderful experience!!!


    Wonderful Staff!!!



  • 12. Timbers Vet Clinic

    by: fthluvhope

    Dr. Steve is great with my dogs and seems to remember them when they come in! I am always amazed at how "calm" my dogs are around him-- a great testament to his way with animals! :)





  • 13. Great vet!

    by: Lucidpets

    Dr. Steve is wonderful, as is his staff. He takes good care of my babies.


    Doc has come in to take care of my babies in the wee hours.


    Hard to get into sometimes.