Thurston county animal shelter - animal services olympia

3120 martin way
Olympia, WA 98506
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User Reviews (6)

  • 1. good place to go

    by: angelkitty1136

    I have adopted a few pets from here. They were clean and helpful. But I guess like any other shelter they are only guessing on the type of breed they think the animal is and sometimes on the situation that could turn into a problem. The latest dog we got there however is wonderful... they were still wrong, but it worked out wonderful anyway


    you are helping a homeless pet


    sometimes cant tell what your getting

  • 2. Great Shelter

    by: pebbles98501

    I am a foster parent for Olympia Animal Services and they are absolutely the kindest staff I have ever met. They care and give more of themselves than any place I've seen. Chandra and Connie make the foster program effortless. I am so happy to be involved with this shelter!


    Friendly- true hearts are with the animals


    Not enough space; would love for them to have a makeover

  • 3. Okay.

    by: BSAR

    I am Blue Sky Acres Rabbitries' sister. And I agree with her. When we went there in search of our lost cast Duncan they only had that book. I don't know if you are allowed to go and see the animals but you should be able to.




    I don't know.

  • 4. Nice Shelter!

    by: BlueSkyAcresRabbitry

    I went to this shelter in search of my lost cat, but the only thing they had was a book of animals weren't able to go and see if your pet was there or not, so it wasn't really great. \r\n\r\nI'd definitley go there again anytime to adopt a pet, or volunteer, etc. It's really clean, nice, a friendly enviroment. \r\n\r\nEmily


    Nice shelter, friendly,


    Not really easy to find lost pets...

  • 5. Nice Shelter

    by: chele14

    We adopted our most recent dog from this shelter. It is a nice shelter, with nice staff. The only real con I could say about it is, it's too small of a shelter. Other than that, I would recommend this shelter to anyone.


    Nice shelter.


    Too small.

  • 6. Facility

    by: ztT4MP36833035

    When I visited everyone was very friendly and helpful they all seem to really care for the animals. I went throught their voluteer class.


    Friendly place


    So many cats that may not be adoptable