Three Dogs & A Cat Grooming

2812 Shadeland Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

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  • 1. Neighborhood Groomer

    by: greysmom

    I have only used this facility a few times, because I generally don't have my dogs "groomed", rather I just bathe them & do nail trims. I have used 3 Dogs when I was unable physically or due to time constraints, to bathe my dogs myself.\n\nThey were kind and gentle with my old girl, which was very important to me. They were very accommodating when my own schedule was tight. It seems as if the majority of the dogs they see are of the smaller breeds, and although they didn't seem thrilled at the prospect of bathing my 75 # girl, they were willing. In addition, their fees were very reasonable.


    Willingness to do large dogs


    a bias toward smaller dogs