The university of georgia veterinary teaching hospital

University of georgia
Athens, GA 30602

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  • 1. Great service for pets and their owners!

    by: Jules1GSU

    This is a great place to take your injured and sick pets. My dear friend took her beloved Salsa here when he began showing symptoms, but no one locally could pinpoint the problem with their equipment. This place explained things until we were satisfied that we understood all steps involved and all avenues possible, and they did it with a friendly and caring attitude. Everyone there was kind. The stories of pets they treated on the walls (with pictures) was a great thing to see in the waiting area, and it helped keep our spirits up when the news was that Salsa had cancer, which had spread in almost every part of his body. Though they could not save Salsa, we believe they did everything they could to give us options for treatment and information for caring for him with the spreading cancer. Great place!!


    Knowledgeable staff, students, and volunteers


    The front desk is not always manned, which makes pet emergencies take a bit longer