The spca serving allegany county

P.o. box 381
Wellsville, NY 14895
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User Reviews (9)

  • 1. May Your Work Be Blessed

    by: lstull

    Since our recent lose of our border collie I have found myself searching the area shelters websites. out of the seven or more that I continue to browse I find myself returning to Allegany Co.'s SPCA. There unwavering support and volunteerism to the animals in this shelter is to be commended. In the many times I have visited it has always been clean, the staff friendly and the animals very well taken care of. My God continue to bless their work and finances


    No Kill Shelter


    Under Funded

  • 2. Nicely kept, friendly staff that's very caring.

    by: Redrover

    I have been looking for a second dog and have gone to many SPCA's in my area yet the Allegany Co. SPCA was the most helpful of all of them. It is a smaller shelter with more dogs than some of the larger ones yet the animals are clean, socialized and treated with love. I would not hesitate to adopt an animal from this shelter and if I lived closer I would be volunteering here. Thank heavens for these caring people. I hope that they realize how much they are appreciated.


    Very helpful staff of caring individuals. Animals are treating with love and respect.


    This shelter needs more resources yet the employees work hard with what they have.

  • 3. very small

    by: alishagill

    I went here to adopt a dog but their wasn't very many to pick from. I think the people here work hard.


    Hard workers


    very small

  • 4. Our Spca needs a new heating system and a clothes drier


    I have been a volunteer for the SPCA in Cattaraugus County. I love the animals and Pets. But the building needs work. They need a heating system, A big drier, and some more kennels. There have been so many ccruelty cases in our area. They have aculminated farm animals (pigs, cows, horses) as well as many dogs and cats. Several of the workers volunteered to go to LA after Katrina to do animal resues. 64 dogs were brought back to Olen, cared for. Several have found new homes; Some were returned to former owners. The staff does a great job. They deserve a makeover.


    Staff is fantastic. They do a lot of cruelty cases


    building needs lots of remodeling and work.

  • 5. SPCA doing their best

    by: starry04

    I think the staff does a wonderful job with the resources that they have and the amount of animials that they take care of. The have very caring and loving people that work there. I hope they can keep up all the good work that they do.


    animals taken good care of


    not enough anything for the jobs

  • 6. SPCA is a great place.

    by: Awork34

    I really like the SPCA the animals all have a good place to stay. But the animals deserve to have a great home with a family or doing a job like police dogs.


    I like there sucess in giving animals homes.


    They cant find every animal a home.

  • 7. Hear great things

    by: Joannmca

    I have heard from severeal people who have had dealings iwth this shelter and can only say good things about it. that is a good sign....


    hear great things


    not in my county

  • 8. Very caring

    by: momofanangel

    This is a nice shelter. They love the animals and give them great care. They take very good care of the animals, and see to it they receive any medical care they need. They work hard to see the animals are cared for and treated well, and need more donations to help them continue to help all the animals they can.


    Very caring with all the animals


    Need more help

  • 9. Best in the area

    by: starsorphans

    They have a very friendly staff.\r\nand work well with other animal care people.\r\nthe animals in their care are well taken care\r\nof.


    Very clean


    Too Small