The Pet Vet

7420 University Avenue Northeast
Minneapolis, MN 55432

User Reviews (5)

  • 1. Reasonable Rates

    by: cwohlk

    Strong aroma, but rates make up for it.





  • 2. Unsanitary Unprofessional Should Be Shut Down

    by: ztT4MP74324506

    We went to this place because of the lower prices, and upon a recommendation....I'de rather pay more for professional service!!. We took in 2 cats, one for spay, one a 6 month old for spay and declaw. To begin, we enter and there are 5 cats we see just running around, jumping on the counter, on chairs in the "waiting" area, I even saw one jump up on an exam table (now that's sanitary!). The place absolutely reaked of cat urine, so much so I was feeling as though I could vomit. We should have taken our babies and left, but I wanted to give it a chance. The next day we pick them up, and aside from seeing more cats loose running all over the place, there are two HUGE dogs, belonging to the receptionist. When she brought out our kitten whom had just had surgery, the cat was frightened by these dogs (whom are just loose and roaming wherever they please). Our kitten leaped in fear, and the girl said "Oh no we aren't playing this game", and grabs our baby by the back half very roughly. This is an animal who just had surgery!!, not only did she jump on to concrete from fear of those dogs, but then this girl is grabbing at her roughly!. I did speak up that this was very upsetting and highly unprofessional, though I believe it fell on deaf ears. I would never EVER take an animal to that place again!. The urine spray is unsanitary, having animals running all over the place without restriction is unprofessional,unsafe,and unsanitary. Pay the extra cost and take your furry children to a professional.\r\n\r\n


    Low Prices


    Reaks Of Cat Urine, Animals running Loose All Over

  • 3. Best Vet in North Metro

    by: pconradmartin

    Doc and his staff are very knowledgable and carring. My whole family has been taking our pets to him for years. All of of neighbors to whom we've recommended him to also take all their pets to this clinic. If anyone asks us for a recommendation, we always tell them to go to The Pet Vet in Fridley!


    Close to home, very affordable


    Needs a new building and more parking

  • 4. best vet in mn

    by: hlinner

    i have taken every pet i've ever owned to this guy he even has payment plans for the people that have either high bills or cant affored much. this is the best vet in mn


    this vet is in it for the animals not for $


    limmited bussiness hours

  • 5. One of the Best

    by: J2C

    just a great vet


    great overall