The pet nannny

1601 jesse lane
Columbia, MO 65203

User Reviews (4)

  • 1. We love the Pat Nanny

    by: Susie1969

    We love the Pet Nanny! We do not have to worry about anything when she is scheduled to come while we are out of town. The best thing I ever did was have the Pet Nanny visit my house.


    Stress free for everyone


    I don't have any

  • 2. The Pet Nannyis great!

    by: apardee

    I found the Pet Nanny via her website. She made taking care of all of the pre-vacation logistics stress-free. And, of course, she did a great job taking care of my pet while I was away! She even coaxed my cat out from his hiding places to play with him. She also sends out monthly newsletters with tons of information relevant to pet owners.


    Convenience, Cost



  • 3. pet nannies are a great idea

    by: djes7770

    The Pe Nanny seems like a good person who truly loves pets. She has a good entry on Zootoo and an excellent website. She seems well qualified also. I would definitely meet with her and discuss my pet care needs if I ever even think about going anywhere again.


    Seems like someone I could trust to take care of my pet


    The usual difficulty of letting a relative stranger take care of my pet

  • 4. supports our community!

    by: shannynnorth

    I'm all for anyone who not only loves animals enough to foster and volunteer for rescue, but also puts her money where her mouth is! I haven't used her services but she's off to a good start if her caring for the community is any indication of what kind of job she would do caring for your babies.


    supporter of Second Chance rescue


    not sure