The pet nannies

339 s. detroit street
Los angeles, CA 90036

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  • 1. The Rock Star of Pet Nannies

    by: fairfight

    Finding the right person to trust your dog with is no small feat! Especially in this town. When I was pregnant I desperately needed someone to wear my puppy out for me. I just didn't have the stamina to give him the exercise that he needed. I wanted him to come home exhausted - I mean tongue hanging out, butt dragging exhausted. I searched and I searched, met with a dozen or so people who all had too much attitude, or too perfect of shoes to possibly do the job I had in mind. Then I met Michele. Her big laugh, sweet manner, tatoos and dirt on her shoes... She was a perfect match for my crazy 16 week old Pointer. Pilot comes home from every hike with Michele, too tired to beg for a treat. He heads straight for his water bowl and then to bed. And I love it. Not only have my husband and I and our now two year old son fallen in love with Michele, but our dog is MAD for her. Mad as in we'll soon need to replace the wooden floor by the front door mad. He jumps and howls and claws his way out the front door only to jump in the back of her truck and be greeted by his other best friend Finn. She is family, she is part of the pack and I am not sure what we'd do without her!


    Fun, Personable, Knowledgeable, Trustworthy


    Sometimes her slots fill up for hikes