The original do it yourself doggie wash

98 63rd street
Willowbrook, IL 60527
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Do It Yourself Dog Wash

    by: Linda4300

    If you want an easy way to give your dogs a bath, check out The Original Do It Yourself Doggie Wash in Willowbrook. They provide large, waist high sinks with a ramp for larger dogs, sprayer for the water, dryers and grooming tables. You bring your pet and shampoo (although if you need supplies you can also buy them there) and use their facilities to give your pooch a bath. It's great because after you have blown them dry and there is fur everywhere, you get to go home and they clean up the mess. Each station has partial walls, so the dogs are not stressed by their "neighbors." It is very convenient and since they have several stations, I have never had to wait. They also provide a couple of extra absorbent drying towels. I would definitely recommend them.


    Clean, convenient and they clean up the fur!


    You might have to wait, although I never have

  • 2. good spot to wash the pup

    by: dmt683

    this has been my favorite spot so far (besides the back yard when it's warm enough outside) to wash cleo. the staff have always been nice and helpful and there has never been a wait since they have several stalls.


    You wasm 'em... or they will too for a fee


    none noted

  • 3. Less Mess

    by: lchicola

    We've taken our retrievers to the Do It Yourself Doggie Wash. It is a great way to wash your dog when you don't want to clean a hairy mess in your own bathroom. It is nice to be able to walk a 75 pound dog up a ramp instead of lifting him into a tub. They provide you with a smock, you provide your own shampoo, brush, and towels. They also supply electric dryers. There is a time limit set. We have not had a problem staying within the allowed time. They do all the clean-up after which is the best part.


    no pet hair to clean up


    time limit