The Kitty Klinic

8609 Giant City Road
Carbondale, IL 62902

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. GREAT VET

    by: rogerpir

    Dr. K is the nicest vet in all of southern Illinois. She never gives up and really knows what she is doing. To top it all of she is absolutely beautiful!!


    beautiful and kind


    too nice

  • 2. Supporter of Local Humane Society

    by: dogslovedoglovers

    This animal clinic helped at the Perry County Humane Society in a great time of need. PCHS had assisted in caring for 41 dogs after PCAC had taken them from a home. This clinic donated surgeries and medical assistance for these animals. One of their staff even adopted one of the dogs and gave them the second chance they deserved!


    Supporter of local humane society



  • 3. The Kitty Klinic, Carbondale, Illinois

    by: Gypsy

    Dr. Kirkpatrick at the Kitty Klinic is very knowledgeable and caring of all animals, not just cats. She often sets up visitations for ill animals, as well as payment plans for those families who may not be able to pay the full bill up front. When we adopted our Salley (dog) from the local shelter, she was immediately sent to Dr. K to be spayed. Upon arrival, however, our Salley became quite ill with what was originally thought to be Parvo. Not only did Dr. K run all the necessary tests (it turned out to be some other virus, rather than Parvo), but she kept Salley until she was completely well, called the shelter to tell them how sick Salley arrived (we had not had her in our home yet) and convinced the shelter to pay the bill for the 4 day, 3 night stay at the office. Dr. K loves animals and would rather adopt them herself than destroy them, as is evident by the 3-legged dog named Petey that lives with her now, after previous owners wanted the dog destroyed. I don't know what else I can say about Dr. K. She's the best!


    Dr. K works with patients' needs and thier family's ability to pay


    She is so popular that she's often booked!