The Kennel Club Grooming

77 Saranac
Buffalo, NY 14216

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  • 1. Dog Groomer

    by: lnpierce

    Henry and his staff are miracle workers. I have a fearful cocker spaniel who has never liked to be groomed. She bites,etc... anywhere else, but NOT Henry! She still may not "love" being groomed, but she LOVES Henry and will let him do pretty much anything . As a pet owner/lover, hearing the words "She was great, she's such a sweetie. I know she wants to bite me but I just keep kissing her and telling her what a good girl she is!" ; I almost fell over! Usually it's, "we had to muzzle her"! at other places. Like I said, he must have been a dog in another life. He speaks their language. I will never go anywhere else, and have recommended him to many. He also grooms SPCA dogs for free and makes them look truly adorably adoptable.


    Henry had to be a dog in another life because he can take any dog, no matter the temperment when it walks in, and makes the grooming process enjoyable for that dog!