The humane society

2 jackson street
Binghamton, NY 13903

User Reviews (4)

  • 1. great shelter with great people

    by: rosainithaca

    The staff is amazing, they know all about the animals and take the time to talk to you about them at length. They have a great outpost in a petsmart and the kitties are always very clean, very nicely taken care of with sweet bios written to motivate peole's interest and help in adoption. I wish the people in the area knew more about the existence of this great shelter and could adopt more often from them. They truly do miracles with the animals and I thank them for that.


    The staff are amazing


    would benefit from more money

  • 2. Shelter in need of financial assistance

    by: horselady57

    I am a former employee of the humane society, I also did foster care for some young animals. This shelter works hard at being the best they can with the funds they have. The staff knows a lot about each animal, and helps you find an animal that suits you and your home. They make sure every home is a GREAT home for each dog or cat so that they find their forever home. The volunteers make sure all the dogs get enough exercise, the dishes get clean, and that the animals are very loved. Many of the animals that come to this shelter are from cruelty cases and they need a lot of love and care to recuperate. The shelter is in great need of the community's support so they can continue their work.


    friendly, knowledgeable staff, clean facilities, good environment


    in need of an update to facilities - not enough room, not enough money

  • 3. Nice shelter

    by: gailannhearth

    I like this shelter because when I take food their, they are so tickled to get it. They really need a makeover and more room for their animals. The animals there always look healthy.


    This shelter really needs to have a bigger place. They take good care of the animals.


    This shelter needs more help.

  • 4. Getting Better

    by: NYBA

    I adopted a dog from the shelter about 8 years ago--a really sweet puppy that has grown into a beautiful dog that is my best buddy.\r\nI volunteered there about 4 years ago--walking dogs etc and I didn't last long. I found the shelter itself to be really depressing, it was dark, smelled like bleach and just made you want to cry everytime you left there. One thing I noticed is that the staff that was there at the time was a little rough around the edges--they would be smoking in the doorway and if anyone wanted to come into the shelter they would have to walk through a cloud of smoke and the people weren't very friendly either. Keep in mind my evaluation is based on what the shelter was like when I was there a few years ago. I have heard from several people that there is a new staff and director and they are trying to turn their image around..I know they can do it


    Has the potential to be a good shelter


    Shelter is dark, depressing, staff a little rough