The great falls animal shelter

1010 25th avenue ne
Great falls, MT 59404
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User Reviews (6)

  • 1. ...

    by: BlueStar05

    I have been here a few times. The staff is ok, most of the times i have been in, no one says hi. I have met a couple of vollenters that have worked there that were very sweet and helpful. It feels dark in there.





  • 2. Making Progress

    by: chitown

    The Great Falls Animal Shelter is improving its outreach to donors and volunteers. Very helpful that it has its specific Wish List now posted on its Web site.


    Implementing recommended changes


    Still operating within a too-small, too-old building

  • 3. terrible

    by: gtowish

    I went into the shelter. The staff was friendly at first utill I asked to see the records of a dog that was brought in, had its adoption fees paid, then put to sleep 5 days later. They didnt have any info about the animals on the cages. The cats were sneezing. It is really too bad.\r\n\r\nPeople that try to go in to walk dogs, or help clean are told they don't need volunteers, and that they will take names, but they never call these people back. Yet they are trying to hire people to clean. (free help, that loves animals? what is so wrong with that?)


    only shelter in Great Falls


    Run by City police. No volunteering. Euthing animals before their time. Over run with feline illnesses.

  • 4. New, Improved Shelter

    by: DWillson

    The staff are friendly and are genuinely interested in seeing that the animals are adopted into good homes.


    Very clean, smells clean and looks clean


    Too small for Great Falls

  • 5. In Desperate Need of Help

    by: dianejg

    In all fairness...what is wrong with the shelter here is mostly a reflection on the community. I believe it is primarily an issue of a lack of education and awareness, however. The shelter and it's staff tries valiantly to manage an impossible job with what tragically little they have. Funding is shamefully poor from the community and surrounding areas ... there is very, very minimal support by the community and regardless the staff does try so hard, the shelter is\r\nin desperate need of experts in several positions to run it. The shelter has a skeleton crew to say the least and there are several key positions/functions which simply are not there. Volunteers step in to try to bridge the gap (I will mention here I am one of them for the record), but there are just a handful and it is an overwhelming task. The building itself is unbelievably small, antiquated, poorly designed, poorly heated and/or cooled, unhealthy for the animals in every way... to state just a few issues with regard to the structure alone. If ever a shelter needed and deserved a complete is truly this one in Great Falls, MT...The Humane Society of Cascade County. I hate to submit such a negative review but the truth needs to be acknowledged and dealt with in order to strive to make this shelter what it should be. The bottom line is always the funding. The shelter has never had anywhere nearly even adequate funding and this is primarly why The Humane Society of Cascade County profoundly needs a complete makeover.\r\n


    This shelter continually strives to do better but....


    Abysmally poor funding, support and expertise

  • 6. Improving all the time!!!

    by: BPetersen

    This shelter is coming so far. Everyone should come and visit and see our progress. Every click on here will only help us become a better shelter with a better society around us to help improve even more!


    Great Staff who cares more about the animals than i've ever seen


    under construction!! but for the best!!