The Grand Pet Resort & Salon

4529 Donnelly
Fort Worth, TX 76107

User Reviews (1)

  • 1. Horrible experience! We will never repeat!

    by: Truffles

    We had a horrific experience with this spa and resort. My dog will never, ever be left here again. And frankly, our experience with this resort was so bad, that my dog will not stay ever again in any resort. In future, we will make other arrangements for him.\n\nWe reserved a particular space (a very specific room with a view) for him a month ahead of time. When we arrived, our space had been given to someone else, he was put in a different room with no apology and no explanation as to why. His kennel was not cleaned appropriately and he laid in urine to the point that he had severe burns, so painful that he could not even sit down when we arrived home. He had to be taken immediately to his own doctor, was diagnosed with an infection, severe urine burns, and $200 in testing, treatment and medicines had to be spent in addition to the outrageous billing I had just received from the resort upon retrieving my pet. No itemized statement was given, so there is no accounting of the huge sums of $ collected from guests. When asked about particular services for which I paid extra $, I was rewarded with no information, but rather a blank stare from the very dim staff person. I had paid extra for a grooming visit before my dog was picked up. Any groomer with even the slightest of intelligence should have noticed that the dog was very ill and in a LOT of pain from the burns. NONE of this was mentioned when I picked him up. I noticed it immediately when we returned home and took him directly to his own doctor. A spa/resort that is associated with SIX vets should be capable of a MUCH better level of care for guests than we received. Apparently these so-called vets are more interested in having guests pay exorbitant prices to fund a lovely facility for THEIR pets to stay in while they gouge owner's wallets at the clinic next door. And my final complaint is that we provided, as instructed, our own food and toys for the stay. When I picked my dog up, not all of the remaining food was returned to me, and so his expensive canned food was wasted. Also, I had taken the exact number of meals that he was to eat while in their care, so there should not have been food left over. Clearly, they did not bother to feed him all of his meals, even though they had been provided with his food and with very specific instructions.\n\nAll in all, The Grand offered us a very expensive and HORRIBLE stay in their facility. They obviously do not care about the pets...neither do they care about their clients. What they are interested in is your wallet, and that fact is made ever more obvious by their practice of running your check thru like a that when you get home and find that you've had a very ill dog returned to you and that you will have to spend $200 getting him treated by a REAL doctor, it's too late to stop payment on your check, because The Grand has already removed the money from your account before you even leave the building. It's quite clear what they are interested in....and trust me, it is not your pet, and it is certainly not you!


    Gorgeous facility. Fun, bone-shaped doggie pool.


    Outrageously expensive. Staff not the brightest. Very poor level of care given to pets.