The dog spot

909 ogden
Downers grove, il 60515

User Reviews (7)

  • 1. Clean and dogs enjoy

    by: jen5430

    The facility is large enough that the dogs have plenty of room to play. I do wish that there was more viewing areas so you could watch your dog in action.


    Large facility


    More visibility

  • 2. Go For the Puppy Playtime

    by: deaddogs

    They have free puppy playtime each week and this is good fun for pups up tp six months. I would stay with them, though. I know of dogs that were injured in the daycare and boarding.





  • 3. Good place for active dogs

    by: katiekunstman

    We brought my dog to this place when we had to go out of town and he loved it. He's a very active dog and he loved being able to run around in their inside facility. All of the staff loved him, saying he followed them around like a shadow. The only problem was that there was a food mix up - our dog was on a special diet at the time and they mixed up the amount he was supposed to be fed. It wasn't a big thing and we didn't really care that much. Overall, great place to kennel your dog.


    good care, good staff


    problems with feeding directions

  • 4. Doggie Day Care is great for working people

    by: LaurenBozych

    I took a dog through training at this location and at the time they were adding new fun things for dogs every week.


    A clean spot



  • 5. Not for everyone

    by: erinp1177

    I brought my dog to The Dog Spot for several months for occasional play and a few boarding stays. There were a few mix ups with the feeding directions I left, but otherwise they seemed to handle the special instructions that I sent along. My dog did sustain injury while at The Dog Spot. He was bit on BOTH ears! I was told that this is a common area for "play wounds" but I find it disturbing that he was bit twice. Ear wounds take months to heal, and we almost had to resort to surgery for one of the ears. It did not come to that, thankfully. I know my dog plays rough and likes to play with other rough dogs, but if the dogs were being watched better I don't think mine would have been bitten... twice!


    Social dogs have a great time


    Dog play is allowed to get too rough

  • 6. Horrible

    by: LisaMorris

    The business comes across as very knowledgable and friendly not to mention clean. When an incident occured between two dogs, nothing but fingure pointing was done. No one took responsibility and blame was on everyone, but themselves. I realize things happen, but having to get lawyers involved is appalling!




    Staff is clueless

  • 7. Make your dog happy!

    by: zetteq801

    This place is a mecca for dogs. They have "day care" where dogs play with each other in a huge climate controlled room, grooming, a boutique, training, and options for dogs to stay overnight where they are only "crated" overnight.............during the day they get to play with the other dogs!!\r\n\r\nIt is pricey, but I try to get my two dogs in at least three or four times a month for playtime. They offer half days sessions of 5 hours, and whole day sessions that are from 7 am until about 6 pm! If I could afford it, I would bring them here every day when I went to work!\r\n\r\nMy dogs love it here, they are happily exhausted when I pick them up each and every time.\r\n\r\nOh, what initially sold me on The Dog Spot was the ability for pet "parents" to monitor their dogs via the Internet. Only customers get passwords, but it is fun to watch my dogs running around with their tails wagging!


    all employees seem to love the dogs