The dog club of wilmington

1940 north county drive
Wilmington, NC 28429

User Reviews (1)

  • 1. The Best Day Care in WIlmington

    by: msdonna2148

    I tried three other places but The Dog Club of Wilmington is by far the best. If you want a clear head when leaving your dog either for day care or boarding you will have no worries if you leave your pet here. It is large indoors and out, has an adult caring and loving staff, it's as clean as could be, it NEVER smells!, astro turf, live web cam, pools,climate control indoors, it has everything. They give you a free day to see if your dog likes it. My dog was a neurotic terrier rescue..he just calmed right down and leaps out of the car when we pull up and can't wait to get with his doggie friends and his human buddies. After the day is done, the normally exuberant terrier is one very tired and happy pup. I strongly recommend The Dog Club of Wilmington


    Everything an owner and their dog would want in this kind of service.


    There are none-this place is perfect.