The Classy Canine Professional Dog Grooming Salon

1880 Haslett Rd. Suite E
East Lansing, MI 48823

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Classy Canines score high with Sammy

    by: prholleran

    I have taken both Sammy and Emma to Classy canines a few time and they really enjoy the expoerience, though Sammy is not a big fan of any kind of hygiene, whether it be nail-clipping, bathes, or pretty much anything. Great job! I highly recommend it!


    Good price, well-trained professionals, and hardworking, they really care about your animal



  • 2. A quiet, calm and all natural grooming experience...

    by: KarinaMay

    I use only highly recommended all natural products. My salon is infused with lavender and vanilla and classical music is played to create a calming atmosphere. I only do one dog at a time, so your dog won't be sitting in a kennel waiting for his or her turn. \n\n\nI am American Red Cross certified in Pet First Aid and CPR.\n\nThe safety and well being of your pet is my top priority. I am comfortable when THEY are comfortable.\n\nFresh water and all natural treats are always offered during your pet's stay.\n\nI have over 7 years of experience.\n\nAll equipment is disinfected between pets. No exceptions.\n\n


    One on one service, all natural products, aromatherapy, hand scissor finishing, quiet and calm atmosphere


    I may be a little pricier, as I only take on one dog (or one family) at a time.