The Cat Clinic Of Stillwater

2207 W 6Th Ave
Stillwater, OK 74074

User Reviews (5)

  • 1. A great Clinic

    by: Jranae

    The Cat Clinic is by far the best clinic I have ever been to. The doctors are incredibly knowledgeable and compassionate and they practice the best medicine around. They are also the only specialty clinic in Stillwater so they are definatly the top of the line in feline care. I love it!


    Great Medicine, compassionate, knowledgable, specialty clinic



  • 2. The best place for cats!!

    by: Shanalw

    I wouldn't take my cats anywhere else! Both Dr. Cowell and Dr. Peakheart are compassionate, caring, intelligent doctors who provide the best care possible to our feline friends. They also use non-adjuvanted vaccines, which are better for our cats. I know that if my cats are ever sick, the Cat Clinic doctors and staff will provide the best care possible. They are the best!!!


    quality care, great facility, great staff, amazing doctors!!


    They only see cats

  • 3. In good hands

    by: dweinrich

    Dr. Cowell and the staff at the Cat Clinic are very friendly and very helpful at answering any questions that I have. They treat my kitty very special and were very helpful when I was going through the process of adopting her. I would never go anywhere else.


    Friendly, knowledgeable staff



  • 4. Two great veterinarians

    by: Briscoe

    Dr. Cowell and Dr. Peakhart have impressed me with their friendliness, dedication and knowledge. I feel comfortable if I have to leave my cat there.


    Two smart vets



  • 5. Best Place for Cats

    by: segordon

    I have been very impressed by the staff and vets at the cat clinic. They have been great with my cats. They know exactly how to interact with them without stressing them out. I really like that they call to check up on my cats, so many vets do not do that anymore


    They know cats and how to handle them


    too bad they don't take care of dogs too