The Cat Clinic Of Roswell

1002 Canton St
Roswell, GA 30075

User Reviews (5)

  • 1. changes in staff

    by: courtneyadams

    I used to bring my cats to this clinic. It provides a wonderful atomophere and truly helps cats in the area. Unfortunately, recently, the owner sold the clinic so she could persue other animal related issues. Since then the quality of care has deteriorated and I nad to switch to a different vet. I no longer recommend this clinic.




    change in staff

  • 2. Cat only vet

    by: dana88

    A cat only facility with no barking dogs is always a plus.


    nice for cats, since there are no dogs


    nice place

  • 3. Great spot!

    by: kmc2797

    This is a wonderful facility for you to take your cats... each species has health issues that are unique to them... since the cat clinic specializes in felines, you can feel confident that your companion is in loving and educated hands.


    cats only


    Our vet has left to open her own place!

  • 4. Cats Only

    by: sumoore

    My cats like to stay at the Cat Clinic of Roswell because it is a cat only clinic - no barking dogs to deal with.


    Cats Only



  • 5. Good Service for cats

    by: wroblews

    Taking our cats to CCR is a no brainer. The vet and staff handle our cats very well. The location is great and the prices are not that bad for the great care you know that your cats are receiving.


    Very friendly, and helpful. There are toys, accesories for your cats there to purchase, all services from surgeries, to toe nail clippings are offered. The rooms are not like a normal vets it is a room in a house and this helps settle our cats.


    Can be extremely busy at times.