The Cat Care Center

8262 Switchboard Road
Spencer, IN 47460

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Best cat, ferret, rabbit, horse, dog vet around for miles

    by: MamaKitty

    Dr Sue is the best vet in our area by far. It's a long drive, but she pays attention to detail and cares about her patients.


    Loves animals


    Long way to drive

  • 2. The best in cat care

    by: adiercks

    It takes me about 25 minutes to get to Dr. Sue's Cat Care Centre from far-eastside Bloomington. Her clinic is run on the property where she and her husband live and run a horse rescue. It's kind of out in the sticks but not hard to find (Dr. Sue provides directions on her website). It's kind of a pain because even to drop off your animal, it's at least a 45 minute ordeal with travel time. It was worth it for me, though.\n\nI had my kitten declawed here and Dr. Sue offers laser surgery. My kitten recovered FULLY in two days and had no problems. My boyfriend's kitten (5 months old at the time) also had laser declaw surgery there with fantastic results. \n\nDr. Sue called me personally to let me know that Josie was out of surgery and doing fine. They really got to know her as a patient and were excellent about communicating with me. I highly recommend taking your feline friend to the Cat Care Centre. You will get the best treatment and services that aren't overpriced and no needless extras tacked on.


    Excellent service, reasonable prices, offers laser declaw (!)


    Non-central location