The beacon jersey city

4 beacon way
Jersey city, NJ 07308

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Dangerous

    by: bsgirl

    We stopped by a while back and I didn't like the environment at all. The dogs were NOT playing.


    Nice place to bring a dog to run


    You never know who will be there

  • 2. Nice idea, but poorly maintained and wrong materials used.

    by: caitlinella

    It was a nice idea to provide dog owners a place for pups to play just outside the back door. However, the maintenance and design of the dog run really need to change. The run is used a lot as a bathroom place for dogs, not a play place. With the poor lighting, it makes it hard to locate your dog's droppings. Also, the surface is made of very absorbant wood chips that have been changed once in the last year. This spreads disease and infections and makes it really unpleasant and stinky when the wind blows and the chips become airborne.




    Wrong materials used, no lighting, irresponsible dog owners, not maintained