The Animal Hospital Of Lynchburg

1705 Memorial Ave
Lynchburg, VA 24501

User Reviews (7)

  • 1. Very Caring

    by: lizzyb2

    The Animal Hospital of Lynchburg staff was so kind and caring when my cat was diagnosed with cancer. We ended up having her treated for this disease for a number of years. When we needed new ideas for her treatment, the staff contacted outside consultants and find new treatments that my kitty responded to very well. The extra years we had with our dear kitty were worth every cent and the Animal Hospital of Lynchburg had much to do with her remission of this disease for many years. Dr. Jean, in particular, was a true blessing. Great job!


    Excellent Staff, Very Caring,



  • 2. nice place

    by: kaj15

    Very convenient location, been around a long time.





  • 3. Pet services

    by: captaincassie

    Great people, very friendly with the pets when you walk in, i have used them for 4 years, with my two dogs, care about animals more than money in there pocket. Need more vets like this one. Keep up the great work.


    great people


    see nothing

  • 4. Nice location and good vets

    by: BShack

    These vets are recognized for their all-over attitude when trying to help cure animals. They don't just look at the dog's physical being, but they also examine the mental state of the dog. They have been trained in some behaviour evaluation, too.


    Convenient mid-town location


    Same--mid-town location means traffic is bad at times

  • 5. Disappointed

    by: smapplebee

    Our dog was diagnosed with late-stage leukemia after spending $650. Then, they wanted more tests to find out what kind. We said no. Three weeks later, we put our wonderful dog to sleep to stop his pain. Afterwards, Jean's manner was brusque and insensitive. After paying $16 for a box for our beloved pet, we left in tears vowing never to return.


    Close to home


    Lack of caring

  • 6. Great Vet Clinic in Lynchburg, VA!!

    by: EmilyEvans

    I love this vet clinic, I was referred by a good friend and have told everyone I know about it! They are amazing with all types of animals and my 'kids' love everyone that works there! I feel very fortunate to have vets like Jean and Rick in the area!


    My animals LOVE the staff! They are wonderful people!


    Location isn't the greatest, but they are going to move eventually

  • 7. Great!

    by: Breanne12

    Love 'em! We are so sad we moved and had to get a new vet. We loved that one vet loved cats and the other dogs but that both worked with the opposite just fine!


    easily assessible; friendly; fair prices


    can be busy at times