Tharp Ben Dvm

2215 South Voss Road
Houston, TX 77057

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  • 1. Voss Road Animal Clinic

    by: joannr62

    I took my dogs to this well known clinic when I lived in Houston. Dr. Tharp is a legend - he's a familiar face on TV as he seems to be sought for his opinion whenever there is an issue involving pets in the news. He provided free services a number of years ago when I adopted a dog from the Houston Humane Society - he also answered the phone at the clinic after hours - I had called hoping to hear the number of the emergency clinic in Houston but he said he was still at the clinic and told me to bring my dog over (she had been spayed before leaving the HHS and the stitches broken open). He is a great animal lover and a friend to all pet owners.\r\n\r\nThe only problem is that the clinic is tiny and the waiting areas and parking are just overcrowded all the time.


    Great vets, great empathy


    Huge number of patients, waiting room always crowded, parking problems