Texas Allbreed Grooming School Inc

1003 Enterprise Place
Arlington, TX 76001

User Reviews (1)

  • 1. These ladies made me very mad

    by: lillybutt

    I took my dogs to this school for about eight months. I wasn't always happy with the students work, but I felt we were both getting a good deal. Until the day the nicer of the two ladies,who own this business, told me I couldn't bring my dogs anymore. She went on to tell me, that because my dogs were mainly mutts they didn't need special clipping, so they really couldn't use them for their needs. This lady told me my babies weren't special enough. Heck of a way to do business. I will never take my SPECIAL dogs to a grooming school ever. I highly advise people to stay away from Texas allbreed Grooming school, as a student or a client.


    A grooming school where I thought I would get a good deal.


    Students work on your animals.