Templeton veterinary clinic

401 south rye avenue
Templeton, IA 51463
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User Reviews (1)

  • 1. Excellent Vet services!!

    by: raven69x2002

    Having heard allot of great things about this clinic, I took my new rott puppy to them for her shots and spay surgery. The vet, Dr. Behrends, spends time playing and socializing with the animals before he works with them. He is very knowledgeable and cares for all animals entrusted to him. His staff is the same way too. They also have VERY reasonable prices and are cheaper than most vets around, plus they go the extra mile to ensure your pet has the most pleasant experience possible. I highly recommend this vet to anyone who cares for their pets as much as I do (like one of my kids) as they are just wonderful with all the animals.


    Excellent care and VERY knowledgeable