Temple Terrace Animal & Bird Hospital

5023 East Busch Boulevard
Tampa, FL 33617

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Temple Terrace ranks high with Airedales

    by: PEY

    I have never been disappointed in the care my dogs have received at Temple Terrace in the past 14 years. The exams are thorough with test results being sent to human technicians and doctors for second readings. The doctors are kind and loving to their patients and are honest in their prognosis and treatments. We have been kindly walked through the final stages of my dogs' lives with all of the staff members who have had contact with my pets coming to say their final good-byes and to give condolences. I have always felt a part of the hospital's family and wouldn't change for anything.


    Accredited facility, great diagnosticians & networkers


    Don't get to see Dr. Welborn as much as dogs would like

  • 2. Great avian vet!

    by: birdbrain

    This is a wonderful place to take a bird. The avian vet is very knowledgeable as is the staff. I bring my cockatiel to them for wing and toenail trims, his regular check ups and anytime I need to board him. They just love him there and he is always very well taken care of. The boarding isn't expensive either, last time we took him in it was $7.00 a night which is pretty good. They know him and me by name and are always excited to see him!\r\n\r\nI always see very happy dogs and cats there as well.


    They are so friendly and knowledgeable