Teller county regional animal shelter

P.o. box 904 308 weaverville road
Divide, CO 80814
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Greatest Shelter in the World!!!

    by: kjcase8899

    TCRAS is a wonderful shelter that operates at an exceptional lever considering their shoestring budget. The community is very supportive and is always willing to participate in fundraising events - no questions asked. We have a great group of volunteers that are always willing to help with everything from walking dogs to cleaning kennels and cat quarters. We couldn't do it without them. The staff is very dedicated and knowledgable, and they really take pride in how they manage and maintain the shelter on a daily basis - seven days a week! Kudos to everyone involved with TCRAS!


    No-kill shelter



  • 2. High Standards of Care

    by: susanhearon

    The shelter is very well managed with a caring staff who are always willing to go above and beyond their job discriptions to help their animals find the best possible homes. The shelter is small, but very clean and well maintained. Animals are fed healthy Science Diet food and receive standard medical care and more when necessary. They have a solid core of volunteers who help with training, adoption fairs and solicialization of the dogs and cats waiting for their new homes. It is a no-kill non profit shelter governed by a very dedicated volunteer board.


    Very caring conscientious staff


    limited funding

  • 3. News girl

    by: engel2732

    This is a no-kill shelter with a mostly volunteer staff that tries hard to find "forever homes" for all its animals. Money is always a problem but they do remarkable things with what they have. \r\nDespite its name it receives only a small amount of funding from Teller County (Colorado). It relies on the beneficence of donors and volunteers and tries hard to involve as many young people in caring for the animals as possible. The shelter offers a number of programs and links to outside programs that can help animal lovers keep their pets during these difficult times, including a discount spay and neuter program for cats in collaboration with Feline Friends of the the Pikes Peak Region.


    The shelter is staffed by volunteers who truly love animals and it's a no kill shleter.


    Its small size limits the number of animals it can take in.